Halkidiki is one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece and the most popular one, in the north of the country! Its gold sand-beaches along with its clear blue waters, its lush and evergreen vegetation of olive and pine trees and the many hospitality options in the area, make Halkidiki the ideal destination for those who seek to spend their vacation in a serene and beautiful place! 

If you have decided to visit Halkidiki, you may wonder when is the best time to do so! Well, you may think that the answer is obvious, as most tourists choose to visit Halkidiki during summer. However, Halkidiki’s beauty and charm remain untouched during the whole season, as it offers many diverse activities during every time of the year! Reading this article you are going to discover all the beautiful experiences it has to offer you during each season of the year, in order to decide when is the best time to visit Halkidiki according to your individual needs and taste!

Halkidiki during Winter 

In Greece, there is a slight difference in temperatures between the north and south of the country. Toward islands such as Crete, the weather remains fairly mild even during the autumn months, but in Halkidiki the weather is quite cold, starting from the end of September! That, of course, does not mean that you can’t spend wonderful vacations in Halkidiki even in the heart of winter! 

Visiting Halkidiki during Winter is a great chance to discover a whole new side of Halkidiki, unknown to most summer visitors of the Peninsula! To do so, you can start exploring the picturesque villages of North Halkidiki which are a perfect example of the traditional architecture of Northern Greece! The first settlement we definitely recommend you to visit is Arnaia! This small town has been characterized by the ministry of Culture as a traditional settlement, due to its stone-built houses, its paved alleys and of course because of its historical folklore museum. In a distance of 15 km away from Arnaia, you will find the small Settlement of Stagira, which is the birthplace of the famous Ancient Philosopher, Aristotle!

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Halkidiki during Spring

Spring is the perfect time to visit Halkidiki for those who want to enjoy the famous Greek weather, but they are not fans of the extremely high temperatures that may occur during the summer months. As it was stated before, this majestic Peninsula is blessed with extremely beautiful nature, which undoubtedly is at its best during Spring!

If you choose to visit Halkidiki during Spring, you should definitely walk the beautiful hiking routes of Mount Holomontas. Holomontas is mostly covered by dense oak forest and it is a part of the Natura Network 2000, which is a European Institution dedicated to the protection of the environment! Moreover, if you don’t mind a little of cold, you can even visit some of the famous beaches of Halkidiki such as that of Pefkohori, and enjoy a much less crowded side of it! All in all, during Spring you will have the chance to explore Halkidiki’s nature and reserve your stay at a much lower price, as the first months of Spring belong in the low season!

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Halkidiki during Summer 

Summer is the time when most tourists choose to visit Halkidiki as it is an oasis with beautiful long beaches, turquoise waters, and plenty of hospitality options ranging from small family hotels to luxurious resorts with facilities such as tennis courts, pools and Spas. 

If you choose to visit Halkidiki in Summer, your options in every aspect of your holidays are actually limitless! You can enjoy the delicious local cuisine, visiting the traditional taverns that open their gates in summer months. You can even enjoy activities such as scuba diving and water skiing! Last but not least, you can enjoy the exciting night-life of Halkidiki, visiting the famous beach bars of Pefkochori, Afitos and Neos Marmaras and have the time of your life dancing to the rhythms of Greek and foreign music!

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Halkidiki during Autumn 

Just like Spring, Autumn is a time when Halkidiki is not much crowded, yet it has warm weather and it still offers most of the amenities of the high season just at a lower price! Visiting Halkidiki during autumn, you will have the chance to experience a more carefree side of Halkidiki! Although there are still a lot of tourists, particularly in September, you can enjoy a far more tranquil time on the beach but also at the restaurants and cafes. Moreover, the lower number of tourists allows you to have a higher quality of service!

All in all, Autumn is the best time for you to visit Halkidiki if you want to enjoy a more relaxed side of it but still experience everything that this wonderful destination has to offer you!

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