Thessaloniki is a city of unspoken beauty and rich history that spans for thousands of years! Thus, it provides you with a great variety of landmarks to admire and plenty of activities to do. Although, the wide selection of things to do in Thessaloniki is for sure a good thing! It might be quite overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time visitor to the city, or if you have only a short amount of time available to explore its beauty. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of all the things that you can do in Thessaloniki in only one day! Our purpose is to guide you through making the most of your visit to this magnificent city despite how long your staying is gonna be!

Visit the White Tower of Thessaloniki 

White tower is the most famous landmark of Thessaloniki and this is the reason why it shouldn’t miss by any chance from your list with the must-visit Sites in Thessaloniki! The White Tower is located in Nikis Street, on the famous Thessaloniki Waterfront. The tower dates back to the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (1520- 1566). The original purpose of the tower was to be used as part of the city’s fortification, on the site of another castle constructed by French knights! Despite of that, the White Tower had also many other uses over the course of time, as it was also used as a prison and a garrison! Furthermore, the White Tower has served also scientific purposes, as it hosted the meteorology laboratory of Thessaloniki’s University!

In 1985, White Tower was restored and since then, it operates as a museum where great parts of Thessaloniki’s history are exhibited!

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Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum 

In a walking distance from the White Tower, you will find the imposing archeological museum of the city settled at Manoli Andronikou Street. There you can admire the historical wealth of the city in all its glory!

The Museum collections include many exhibits dating from the prehistoric era to the end of antiquity. All those findings are the result  of numerous  excavations conducted throughout the area of Macedonia since 1912. In the museum, there are also handed-in antiquities. Visiting the museum, you shouldn’t miss exploring the Golden Macedonian Exhibition, which includes findings of great historical value, dating back to the era of Alexander the Great.

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Take a walk in Aristotelous Square

Aristotelous Square is the biggest and the most famous square of Thessaloniki. The square took its name from the great ancient philosopher, Aristotle and it was constructed after the great fire, that destroyed most of the city center in 1917. Aristotelous Square is a place of great architectural value and unique aesthetics. The two sides of the square are surrounded  by neoclassical buildings with Byzantine influences. Aristotelous square is a point of reference for the residents and the visitors of the city! This is partly due to the fact that on Aristotelous square, there are a lot of cafeterias, where you can enjoy your coffee, but mostly because Aristotelous square represents the identity of the city!

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Visit Ladadika

The most famous place in Thessaloniki for dining or having a drink is the district of Ladadika! The area of Ladadika has a long history! Because of the proximity that Ladadika had to the port of the city, it was one of the greatest markets of Thessaloniki in the years of Ottoman rule! After the great fire, Ladadika area was gradually abandoned and left to decay. 

It was only until the decade of  1980, that the first bars, restaurants and tavernas started operating in the district of Ladadika. Today Ladadika is one of the most busy spots of the city. The area keeps all of its old charms and industrial aesthetics. Thus, visiting the restaurants of Ladadika, it is absolutely sure that you will have a great taste of Thessaloniki’s famous nightlife, hospitality and cuisine!

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Those are some of the most important places that you must visit in Thessaloniki, if you have only a limited time to spend in this gorgeous city! Whether you want to explore Thessaloniki by yourself or have an organized tour to the city, Greek Transfer Services are the ideal option for a hassle-free and comfortable transportation!