Thousands of people come to Greece every year in order to visit this beautiful country and explore the numerous activities that it offers. One of the top things to do in Greece, is visiting Mount Olympus National Park. This mythical mountain and its extraordinary surroundings comprise a totally unique “Paradise on Earth”. 

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or you simply love nature observation, let’s take a look at some of the most spectacular activities that Mount Olympus holds for you.

Mountain Trail Litochoro – Prionia

If you like hiking, a must-do activity in Mount Olympus is visiting the Mountain Trail Litochoro – Prionia. A wonderful ride through the mountain of Gods, easy to follow and suitable for beginners. The path is well-organized, while the total duration is around 5 hours. A trip that offers you stunning views of the Monastery of  Saint Dionysius and of course, Mount Olympus. 

Visiting Mount Olympus -The Complete Guide 2020 -Mountain Trail Litochoro - Prionia - Greek Transfer Services

Canyoning on Mount Olympus 

Canyoning on Mount Olympus is the most thrilling in Greece! This adventure will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those you seek for exciting undertaking. You will definitely need specialized equipment such as ropes for canyoning, helmets, harness, etc. and as for the difficulty level belongs to the intermediate canyon. Nevertheless, you will enjoy the outstanding surroundings, swimming at the crystal clear waters of the lakes, diving from the cliffs as well as hiking at the outstanding gorge. 

Visiting Mount Olympus -The Complete Guide 2020 - Canyoning on Mount Olympus - Greek Transfer Services

Orlias Waterfalls

An enchanting place that looks straight out of a fairy-tale is Orlias Waterfalls. Actually, it is about 4 beautiful waterfalls just in the heart of Mount Olympus. Three out of the four waterfalls are easily accessible by car, since the road is asphalted. Regarding the fourth waterfall, it is unknown to most of the visitors and it can only be accessed by off-road cars like 4×4. The surrounding nature of Orlias River, the impressive Orlias Canyon and the charming lagoons will definitely amaze you!

Visiting Mount Olympus -The Complete Guide 2020 -Orlias Waterfalls - Greek Transfer Services

Old Monastery of St. Dionysius

A sacred place that attracts more and more visitors each year either for religious or for adventure reasons is the old Monastery of Saint Dionysius. Founded around 1542, at a breathtaking scenery and at an altitude of 900 meters into the Gorge of Enipeas River at Mount Olympus, constitutes a unique monument of distinct architectural aesthetic. Around a 20-minute walk from the old monastery, you will find another place of great significance, called the “Holy Cave”.  It is said that in this cave right under the rock was living Saint Dionysius. 

Visiting Mount Olympus -The Complete Guide 2020 - Old Monastery of St. Dionysius - Greek Transfer Services

Dion Archaeological Park

The impressive archaeological site of Dion is another place you should see  if visiting Mount Olympus. Definitely, a stroll around the remarkable archaeological park of Dion, admiring the sanctuaries of Asklepios, Demeter and Zeus Olympios, the Temple of Isis and the Temple of Olympian Zeus as well as the Roman and the Hellenistic Theater will travel you back in time. The wonderful statues that are surrounded by charming lakes and the verdant landscape will lighten up your mood making you feel relaxed and breezy.

Visiting Mount Olympus -The Complete Guide 2020 - Dion Archaeological Park - Greek Transfer Services

Archaeological Museum of Dion

Last but not least, is the Archaeological Museum of Dion. It is located only 500 meters away from the Dion Archaeological Park, just right at the entrance of the settlement. There, you will have the opportunity to admire important discoveries from various excavations including items from the Romans, statues and graves, coins, objects from necropolis and other findings from ancient Pydna.

If you are about to visit Mount Olympus region, these are the best activities that will definitely reward you! 

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