Thessaloniki, a city with centuries of historical wealth, is a magnet for lovers of history and culture. From its heyday as an important centre of ancient Macedonia, to the flourishing Byzantine Empire and the period of Turkish rule, Thessaloniki bears the marks of each era engraved on its monuments and streets. The city is an open museum of early Christian and Byzantine art, and is adorned with 15 gems that were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1988.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the notable UNESCO monuments in Thessaloniki!

Church of Agios Georgios – Rotunda

Standing amongst the most impressive UNESCO monuments in Thessaloniki, the Rotunda holds a prominent position not just within the city, but also across Europe as a significant landmark from the Roman era. Its striking architecture and unparalleled beauty, particularly the mesmerizing internal mural mosaics, create a unique monument that bridges the gap between the pagan and Christian worlds. Constructed in the early 4th century AD, the Rotunda’s purpose remains debated. Some believe it served as a temple for ancient worship, while others suggest it was intended as a mausoleum. The Rotunda’s dedication to Agios Georgios likely stems from the influence of a nearby, smaller church bearing the same name.



The Heptapyrgion, also known as Yendi Koule, stands as a symbol of fortification throughout the ages. Its story stretches back to the early Byzantine era, where its initial construction began. Throughout time, it evolved and was further strengthened, serving as a crucial defensive complex even during the Ottoman occupation. Today it is one of the UNESCO monuments in Thessaloniki. The name “Heptapyrgion,” meaning “seven towers” in Greek. Likely originated from its initial appearance with seven prominent towers (although it actually has ten). In the 19th century, the complex underwent extensive modifications to function as a prison. New buildings were added to accommodate this purpose. However, in 1989 the prison was closed and handed over to the Greek Ministry of Culture.


Tower of Trigonion

Ano Poli, the historic upper town of Thessaloniki, whispers stories of the city’s past. This area holds a unique piece of history in the form of a section of the old fortress wall. Standing proudly at the junction of the wall’s northern and eastern sections is the Trigonion Tower, a formidable Ottoman fort built during their reign. This impressive structure boasts a base with a diameter of 24 meters, tapering as it rises to a height of 22 meters. Visitors seeking breathtaking views can find them at the observation deck at the foot of the tower, offering a panoramic vista of Thessaloniki and the Thermaikos Bay.


The City Walls

From its very beginnings, Thessaloniki has been cradled within the embrace of protective walls, fortifications built to shield the city from invaders. The heart of these fortifications was constructed during the reign of Emperor Theodosius the Great in the late 4th century. Though their current form reflects Ottoman modifications, the walls once stretched for an impressive 8 kilometers. Today it is one of the most impressive UNESCO monuments in Thessaloniki .” This captivating area offers a unique glimpse into a different side of the city. Nestled within these ancient walls lie charming, traditional neighborhoods, beloved by both locals and visitors alike. Come for the breathtaking sunsets and the unparalleled panoramic vista of the city, and experience the magic of Thessaloniki’s historical heart.


Byzantine Baths

The Byzantine Baths stand as a unique survivor in Greece. Being the only public bath from the Middle Byzantine era still standing today. This remarkable monument holds even more significance as one of the few remaining secular buildings from that period. Its construction began in the 13th century and it faithfully served the city for an impressive seven centuries, until 1940. This longevity earns the Byzantine Bathhouse the distinction of being a “living” testament to Thessaloniki’s social history.


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