Trikala is a captivating city in Thessaly, Greece, only 237 km away from Thessaloniki. The city balances perfectly between the past and the present and at the same time has its eyes set on the future. It’s the first smart city in Greece and is a model for the rest of the country to emulate. If you visit Trikala, you will immediately notice that it is a modern city with exceptional natural beauty.

Starting your exploration, you will find yourself at the river Litheo, which crosses and divides the city into two areas. The river banks are connected by thirteen bridges, many of which are used exclusively for pedestrians and are significant sights of the city. Continuing your journey to discover Trikala, don’t miss the opportunity to wander around the old town, located in the Byzantine fortress. In addition, visit the museums in the area, which will help you learn more about the region’s civil heritage. Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of all the opportunities that the city offers for activities.

In this article we will help you explore the sights and beauties that Trikala has to offer!

The Must Visit Sights of Trikala City

Beginning the journey of exploration in the city of Trikala, you will navigate through iconic sights, each unveiling a unique chapter in Trikala’s narrative. Traverse through the corridors of time, witness a mix of past and present, and explore every sight of this city.

Old Town

The Old Town of Trikala consists of two districts, Varousi and Manavika. Varousi is the most historical district of the city. With a walk through the characteristic alleys, you will be impressed by the special architecture of the two-storey old mansions, which have bright colours and are built with bricks and plaster. In this area, there are many Byzantine churches that you can explore. Manavika is the second district of the Old Town of Trikala. They are located just below Varousi and consist of stone houses with tiled roofs and picturesque pedestrian streets. Manavika is a cosmopolitan location. In the area, you will find many cafes, restaurants, taverns, etc.


Byzantine Fortress

The Byzantine fortress is located on the North East side of the city. Emperor Justinian built it in the 6th century AD. The fortress emerges as a cornerstone of the Trikala’s history. Walk inside the fortress and admire its Byzantine architecture, as its walls tell you about the battles fought and the victories won.


Osman Shah (Kursum) Mosque

The Kursum Mosque is built on the banks of the Litheo river, its founder was Osman Shah. It is the only surviving of the many mosques that once existed in the city of Trikala. Of the buildings that existed, only the mosque and the mausoleum, where Osman Shah was buried, survive. The mosque is a monument protected by UNESCO.

Central Bridge of Trikala City

The Central Bridge of Trikala connects the northern and southern part of the Old Town. It is a bridge with an excellent architectural design, which you will have the opportunity to admire from close up. The bridge has been pedestrianized and functions as a square. You can enjoy a coffee in the beautiful and relaxing landscape created on the bridge. Also, a few meters further down, you will find the bridge of Asclepius, dedicated to the ancient doctor Asclepius, whose birthplace was Trikala.


Museums of Trikala

In Trikala you will be able to find several museums, which will teach you the history of the city since ancient times and bring you closer to Greek culture. First, visit the folklore museum, where you will find exhibits of folk art, such as traditional costumes, old tools, etc. In addition, you can visit the industrial museum of Matsopoulos, which is one of the most important flour mills in the Balkans. There are programs to learn about the ways of operation, and you can also see exhibits such as old tools, etc.


From the Old Town and Byzantine fortress to the Central bridge and the Museums, Trikala can offer beautiful experiences and hidden secrets to anyone who seeks to discover them.

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