Greece is one of the most famous holiday destinations around the globe as it offers beautiful landscapes and unique experiences to its visitors. Greece is widely known to be a cosmopolitan destination, ideal for those who seek relentless entertainment until morning and carefree vacational experiences! However, Greece is also an ideal destination for families as it offers plenty of things for kids to do, but also for their parents. In this article you will find the best activities for families to do, during their holidays in Greece but also the top destinations to visit in Greece if you have kids!

Thessaloniki with kids

Thessaloniki is the co-capital of the country and is one of the best destinations to visit in Greece if you have kids as it offers plenty of family activities and is a town, known for its amazing cuisine, its carefree pace, and its plethora of museums and other cultural facilities.

Best places to stay with your family in Thessaloniki

If you are interested in avoiding car transportation around the city, we would definitely recommend you to stay in the city center as there is the place where the heart of the town beats. From there you will have the chance to visit all the sights at the city that your family must see on foot! An ideal choice of accommodation for families in the city center of Thessaloniki would be the Mediterranean Palace which is a family friendly hotel, located near Thessaloniki port, offering spacious rooms ideal for families who seek a comfortable and luxurious place to spend their vacation in Thessaloniki! However, if you are looking for a more ordinary type of accommodation away from the traffic and the noise of the city center, we would recommend you to rent an Airbnb apartment in the area of Kalamaria, which is one of the most family-friendly areas in Thessaloniki.

Best family activities in Thessaloniki

One of the best and most educational family activities in Thessaloniki is visiting its archeological museums which exhibit artifacts from the prehistoric Macedonia until the time of its great prosperity during the Hellenistic years. Moreover, you can’t miss visiting the most famous landmark of the city which is no other than the White Tower. There, you can discover the contemporary history of the town, as on its floor there are small exhibitions which are dedicated to different aspects of it! Last but not least, the most fan activity in Thessaloniki for families is definitely visiting the Magic Park, located on the east outskirts of the city! Magic Park is an exciting entertainment park with many action and skill games suitable for children and adults.

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Drama with kids

Drama is one of the most beautiful cities of northern Greece It is located at the foot of the imposing Falakro mountain and it is a city full of green vegetation and water springs! Drama is picturesque and hospitable, featuring traditional neighbourhoods, spacious squares, and imposing mansions.

Best family activities in Drama

Visiting drama with your kids you should definitely visit its waterparks. There you can admire its beautiful springs but also enjoy some relaxing time in one of the cafes and restaurants located there! Drama is also a fantastic destination to visit during Christmas, as in this time of the year you will have the chance the thematic park of Oneiroupoli, which is actually a small Christmas village that will fill every kid’s heart with joy!

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Halkidiki with kids

Halkidiki is a peninsula of exotic beauty near the city of Thessaloniki which is the best place to visit during Summer if you have kids as it offers plenty of facilities and activities without being overcrowded like the famous Greek islands. Another Great advantage of  Halkidiki besides its great beauty, is its proximity to the city of Thessaloniki offering you the choices to combine both destinations for your family holidays in Greece!

Halkidiki provides families who visit it with a great amount of activities such as swimming to its golden beaches, hiking to its Green mountains and visiting some of the most luxurious family hotels in Greece which offer activities especially designed for kids such as playing tennis and football in modern facilities! Two of these resorts are: The Sani resort located in Kassandra and the Porto Carras resort, located in Sithonia!

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Those were the top destinations and activities that you could enjoy during your holidays in Greece. Of course there are plenty more fantastic places to discover in Greece, simply by booking your transfer or tour with Greek transfer services!