Although Greece is a country known for its remarkable beaches and the thousands of islands, it is also a mountainous country, with more than 300 larger or smaller mountains. In fact, during the winter period, the high elevations see snow and sometimes quite a lot of it. Pindus Mountain is the most significant range of mountains in Greece, which starts from Epirus and extends till Peloponnese and Crete. In addition, the world-famous Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, with 2,917m height. Other mountain ranges that exceed the height of 2,000m are Mount Smolikas, Kaimaktsalan, Grammos, Giona, Parnassos, Psiloritis, White Mountains and Taygetos.  

All Greek mountains are rich in biodiversity, offering breathtaking sceneries and unique forests. These forests and the villages that exist close to the mountains create the perfect setting for your winter excursions in Greece. During the winter months, it is snowing on the slopes of the highest mountains, where ski centres operate there, from December until the beginning of May. 

Take a look at the following list of the biggest ski resorts in Greece, if you are a ski enthusiast and want to find the perfect place in order to escape everyday life and reconnect with yourself.

Parnassos Ski Centre

Parnassos is the closest ski resort in Athens and the largest ski centre in Greece. The slopes are composed of two sections, Kellaria and Fterollaka, 1750m and 1950m respectively. Today, the ski centre includes 16 lifts, two hybrid ski lifts which combine an eight-seater cabin and a six-seater chair, an eight-seater cabin, a 4-seater chair lift, a 2-seater chair lift, 6 drag lifts and four baby lifts.

Top 7 Ski Resorts in Greece - Parnassos Ski Centre - Greek Transfer Services

At Parnassos, you will find two cafe-chalets and a restaurant as well as ski and snowboard schools and speciality shops in order to rent ski or snowboard equipment. Mount Parnassos, is the most popular ski centre and considered as the best-organised ski centre in Greece. It is located about 24 km from Arachova village, where you will also find many hotels and restaurants.

Kalavrita Ski Centre

Kalavrita Ski Resort is the second largest ski resort in Greece, located 14km away from the city of Kalavrita and 203km far from Athens. It is one of the most organised ski resorts in Greece, with 7 lifts and 12 slopes. The resort offers also a ski and snowboard school, stores for ski and snowboard equipment for rental as well as two chalets with a coffee shop and a bakery shop.

Top 7 Ski Resorts in Greece - Kalavrita Ski Centre - Greek Transfer Services

Regarding Kalavrita, is a beautiful city, full of history and with unique natural landscapes. What is of great importance, is Odontotos rack railway, a little train that is incorporated so well to the natural environment that it seems that it had always been there. Do not miss the chance to explore this unique attraction in Kalavrita, Greece!

Mount Olympus Elatochori Ski Centre 

Elatochori ski centre is located on the northern slopes of Mount Olympus and has 6 slopes and 2 lifts. There, you will also find two ski schools, a shop for renting ski or snowboard equipment as well as a chalet. Nearby, there are various towns and villages where you will find many choices for accommodation.

Top 7 Ski Resorts in Greece - Mount Olympus Elatochori Ski Centre - Greek Transfer Services

The nearest village from the resort is Elatochori village which can be reached within 14 min. The village includes many hotels, restaurants and cafes and of course offers unique views of Mount Olympus.

Seli Ski Resort

Seli is located on the southwest side of Mount Vermio, including 19 slopes and trails for any difficulty level. The resort has also a chalet with restaurants, cafe bars, a ski school as well as two shelters with gym and sauna. Nearby, it is possible to visit Seli village, a traditional Greek village with many coffee shops, hotels and restaurants.

Top 7 Ski Resorts in Greece - Seli Ski Resort - Greek Transfer Services

3 – 5 Pigadia 

Located on the slopes of Vermio Mountain, in the area of Naoussa, 3-5 Pigadia is a wonderful ski centre with beautiful natural scenery. It is about 560km away from Athens and just 17km away from Naoussa. The resort includes 4 lifts and 5 slopes and has the capability to generate artificial snow during the winter. Moreover, apart from the winter activities, the resort offers various other outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking and mountain biking. 

Top 7 Ski Resorts in Greece - 3-5 Pigadia - Greek Transfer Services

Ski Centre Voras – Kaimaktsalan 

Located on the northern side of Mount Voras, in central Macedonia, Kaimaktsalan is one of the best ski centres in Greece. It includes 6 ski lifts, 13 ski runs, 4 ski trails and a snowboard park as well. There, you will also find a beautiful chalet, made of rock, glass and wood and it hosts a restaurant and a cafe as well as some luxurious mini-suites.

Top 7 Ski Resorts in Greece - Ski Centre Voras - Kaimaktsalan - Greek Transfer Services

At a small distance of Kaimaktsalan, you will find some interesting cities, Edessa and Florina, while at a distance of 140km approximately you can reach the city of Thessaloniki.

Vasilitsa Ski Centre 

Vasilitsa Ski Centre is located 45km far from the city of Grevena and about 213km away from Thessaloniki. Vasilitsa is considered to be one of the best snowboard resorts in south Europe, offering spectacular natural slopes among fir trees, pine trees and tall bushes and panoramic views of the mountains Smolikas, Olympus, Grammos and Tymfi.

Top 7 Ski Resorts in Greece - Vasilitsa Ski Centre - Greek Transfer Services

The ski centre includes 16 ski runs and 2 lifts that take you close to the summit. You will also find two chalets, offering accommodation and meals as well as a cafe bar and a shop for ski and snowboard equipment rental. 

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