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Thessaloniki is a vibrant city in northern Greece with a rich history and cultural heritage. There are plenty of things to do on a city tour of Thessaloniki in order to explore every side of it and the city tours offered by Greek Transfer Services are proof of this!

Thessaloniki Unesco Monuments 

The  monuments found in Thessaloniki depict the strong influence the city had  from the most prominent cultural centers of each era, such as Rome and Constantinople, as well as its own great historical role as a cosmopolitan city, harboring arts and culture. That is why  in Thessaloniki  you will find so many Unesco Monuments that belong to the worlds cultural heritage. One one of the most prominent and important among them are the byzantine walls of the city that tate back to the roman era and have a perimeter of 8 Km. Other magnificent unesco monuments that you can admire on a city tour on Thessaloniki are the famous Rotunda, Saint Demetrius Church Hosios David church and many other temples of christianity.

Tour on the Jewish Monuments of Thessaloniki 

The Jewish history of Thessaloniki is a long and significant one, dating back to the first century BC, when Jews settled in the city.  After the second wave of jewish people immigrated to the city during the Byzantine period, Thessaloniki became a thriving center of Jewish life! Thus,  the Jewish community grew in size and influence over the centuries.  One of the most important Jewish monuments of Thessaloniki is the Monastirioton Synagogue which is the only remaining synagogue in Thessaloniki and is one of the oldest in Greece, dating back to the late 19th century. Another jewish monument in Thessaloniki that you should visit during your city tour is the Yad Lezikaron Synagogue, this synagogue was built in the early 20th century and was one of the largest in Thessaloniki before it was destroyed during the Holocaust.

Thessaloniki Ottoman Monuments

Thessaloniki was under Ottoman rule for nearly 500 years, and as a result, the city has several impressive Ottoman monuments that are worth visiting. One of those is Bey Hamam which is a 15th-century Ottoman bathhouse and a beautiful example of Ottoman architecture in Thessaloniki. Another one is the Yeni Mosque, that was built by Italian architect Vitaliano Poselli in 1902. You can discover more Ottoman monuments in the city tour offered by Greek Transfer Services.