The legend says that the sister of Alexander the Great, Thessalonike, gave her name to the second-largest city in Greece. With a great historical background up until the very recent years, Thessaloniki has always offered a variety of activities not only to its core citizens but also to all visitors. So to speak, you can explore the city’s districts and discover many things to do. You can start with Aristotle Square, the most central square of the city and one of the biggest in Greece. There you can admire the view of the Thermaic Gulf as well as the statue of the famous Greek Philosopher Aristotle. 

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Afterwards, you can stroll along Nikis Avenue, by the side of the seafront. This is also, the most popular and one of the most preferable streets by locals and visitors. In this part of Thessaloniki’s waterfront, you can find many cafes, bars and stores.

Thessaloniki’s Waterfront 

In the Waterfront of Thessaloniki, you can find two of the most popular and distinct city’s landmarks. The most significant is the White Tower, which used to be a prison during the Ottoman Empire. The second is the monument of Alexander the Great, which is located in the New Waterfront area. 

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What is of great importance is that the New Waterfront has become the favourite place for Thessalonians, where they enjoy cycling, playing basketball or tennis on the relative courts or simply going for a walk. Do not forget to take a camera with you, since Zongolopoulos Umbrellas, along with the view and the landmarks constitute the perfect background in order to captivate your moments! 


The Port of Thessaloniki is one of the largest ports in the Aegean Sea and the second largest in Greece. Apart from its commercial and maritime services, it offers many other interesting things to do. Nowadays, mainly during the summer period, it hosts several cultural events and music festivals. The port also includes several ceramic tile warehouses, where some of them have been converted intο exhibition venues. The Museum of Photography and the Film Museum are two of the most prominent. 

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In a distance of 2km from the Port you can find one of the most interesting areas, more of an amusement district we dare say, in Thessaloniki. We are referred to Ladadika, which is known for the colourful buildings and coffee shops, the fashionable bars and restaurants, the taverns and the bistros. There you can feel the ultimate experience of the traditional Greek nightlife!

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Bit Bazaar 

The Bit Bazaar is a very popular district, especially among university students. Visiting Bit Bazaar, you can find several antique stores as well as alternative bars, cafes and taverns. If you want to avoid indiscreet looks, but at the same time stay in the centre, Bit Bazaar is the best place to go!

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Ano Poli 

Just a bit outside the centre to the north, you can walk up to the old town called Ano Poli, where you have the opportunity to explore Thessaloniki from a different view. The nostalgic atmosphere, the narrow cobbled streets, the churches and the monuments will transfer you back in time, at the Byzantine Empire. 

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Do not miss to navigate through the paved road, to visit Eptapyrgio or Yedi Kule and enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the city and the sea, especially during sunset.

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Archaeological Sites and Museums

There is a wide range of cultural activities that someone can do in Thessaloniki. Some of the most popular museums among others are the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Byzantine Culture and the Thessaloniki’s State Museum of Contemporary Art. 

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Regarding the archaeological sites and monuments, you should definitely visit the Arch of Galerius, also known as “Kamara”, the impressive Rotunda and the Ancient Agora (or Roman Market). 

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