Thessaloniki is maybe the most famous place in Greece when it comes to exciting nightlife, as in this amazing city you can find a wide range of entertainment options that will meet your needs, regardless of your age and your taste!

As the sun sets into the beautiful Thermaic Gulf, a whole new city comes to life! Strolling down the streets and the cobbled alleys of Thessaloniki, you will feel those cheerful vibes that make the Thessaloniki nightlife so special! You see, in every corner of the city center you will find cafeterias, clubs and restaurants, playing Greek, but also foreign music.

The city has a lot of famous spots when it comes to entertainment, but some places are really one of a kind. Reading this article, you are going to discover which are the best spots in order to experience Thessaloniki nightlife to its fullest!

Places to eat

When it comes to great tastes and great restaurants, Thessaloniki is one of the best cities to visit in Greece! In the restaurants of Thessaloniki you will find both tastes of traditional Greek and ethnic cuisine! If you want to try some traditional Greek dishes, at a low price range. We would recommend you to visit the district of Athonos! Athonos square is located near the central square of the city, Aristotle square. In Athonos, you will find small taverns serving local food in big portions. There you will also have the chance to listen to live Greek music.

However, if you are a fan of a more ethnic gastronomic approach, we would definitely recommend you to visit the Dubliner. Dubliner is an Irish bar-restaurant, in the area of Ladadika, offering to its visitors dishes inspired from European flavors.

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Clubbing in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is considered being one of the most popular Greek destinations for young people, as it offers some of the coolest options for clubbing. Most of the famous clubs of Thessaloniki are located in the area of Ladadika, near Thessaloniki port! If you visit Ladadika, you will definitely be amazed by the number of bistros, taverns and, of course, clubs located there! Strolling the cobbled alleys of Ladadika after the sunset, you will feel like you have come into a huge party as there are plenty of colorful lights and music playing from the clubs! 


One of the clubs that you should absolutely visit is Bedroom. Bedroom is located at Kantouni street and is one of the most popular clubs of Thessaloniki, among locals and tourists. There are plenty of reasons that make Bedroom  such a great option for clubbing. First of all, it always has a carefully curated DJ lineup. Moreover, the great music is combined with a vibrant ambiance and delicious drinks and cocktails.


Another club that will truly blow your mind away, is Division club! Division  is also located on Kantouni Street, at a preserved neoclassical building. Division is a perfect choice for fans of electronic music, as this music genre is its trademark! Furthermore, Division has a vast dance floor and often hosts parties with world class DJs, offering unique entertainment experiences to its customers!

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Bouzoukia in Thessaloniki

Bouzoukia is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Thessaloniki but also all over Greece! The word Bouzoukia comes from the name of a greek traditional instrument Bouzouki, which is always a part of the live orchestra playing music at those venues! If you visit Bouzoukia you will surely have the time of your life and you will also have the chance to experience the greek entertainment culture. There, you will have the chance to see some of the most famous Greek singers performing until the morning!

In winter, most of the Bouzoukia are operating in venues located in the area of ​​Sfagheia, while in summer most of the Bouzoukia transfer near the airport region. For you who don’t enjoy crowded venues, you can enjoy Bouzoukia, in smaller venues which operate all over the city of Thessaloniki.

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In this article, we hope we gave you some superb ideas about how to enjoy Thessaloniki nightlife to its fullest! Regardless of which of these options you are going to choose in order to enjoy Thessaloniki nightlife, we are here to provide you with high-quality transfer services in the city of Thessaloniki!

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