Thessaloniki International Fair or TIF is a large trade fair, that aims to strengthen the financial and diplomatic relations. The TIF is very important and some of the most popular events in Northern Greece, attracting hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors from Greece, Balkans and Europe in general. This international exhibition is held in the centre of Thessaloniki, during the first two weeks of September every year. What the purpose of the TIF is, is to promote the innovation and entrepreneurship, embracing the Greek and foreign business initiatives in the light of an international cultural festival.

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TIF History 

This historic trade event was first held in 1926 by an MP of that time, named Nikolaos Germanos. This enterprise acted as a catalyst, as far as it concerns the economy of the region. On top of that, during the 1940s the exhibitιon suspended its operations temporarily, due to the World War II, but in the 50s was funded by the Marshall plan, where all the material damage had also been restored. 

TIF History -Thessaloniki International Fair-Greek-Transfer-Services During the next decades, the interest of both Greek and foreign businessman was significantly increased, as the number of visitors reached 1,7 million. Because of this intense attendance, during the 70s the facilities of the TIF were reconstructed, building enormous stalls, some of which are still in operation. Today, the International Exhibition is located in Thessaloniki downtown just across the Byzantine and the Archaeological Museum. Regarding its acreage, the total area of the Exhibition Centre is 180,000 sq.m., including indoor facilities as well as 17 pavilions. The access is very easy since it is placed in the heart of the city, while the facilities are impressive, encompassing sports and recreational units, parking areas, conference centres, etc.

84th TIF 2019 

This year, Thessaloniki International Fair celebrates its 84th birthday. Every year, it is customary to honour a different country. Due to this fact, the honoured country of this year is determined to be New India. While the previous year, the USA was the honoured country and the exhibition was focused on the digital economy and innovation, this year the torch has passed to another financially powerful nation.

84th TIF 2019-Thessaloniki International Fair-Greek Transfer ServicesNew India, this year is expected to introduce entrepreneurial technologies, concerning not only the field of the traditional textile industry but also fields such as the pharmacy industry and the aerospace sector as well. Important to be mentioned is also that, start-ups from around the world and leading companies from the global market it is organized to take part as well as to interconnect and collaborate with Greek start-ups accordingly. At the same time, the business part along with the exhibition, as it has prevailed the recent years, will be accompanied by several music events and other celebrations. 

TIF Sections

The International Fair always is divided into some thematic parks, each of which is comprised of a special topic. Thus, this year’s exhibition will include the following seven distinct thematic parks, Digital Greece, Automotive, Akademia, Energy, E-gaming, Gastronomy and of course the music events. Stay tuned in order to learn more about these thematic sections:

Digital Greece

“Digital Greece” is a theme park that hosts hundreds of start-ups, mainly from the sector of digital technology, including gaming, animation, audiovisual, etc. There, will be presented some of the products and services, as well as several discussions and demonstrations regarding the new technologies, will also be placed by professionals. 

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Automotive Sector

This thematic exhibition will display some of the newest motorcycle and car models as well as it will include everything about the consumables and specific car equipment, including fuel and lubricant, security systems, multimedia etc. 


Here, you will come across with innovative ideas, educational programs, career consulting and career opportunities as well as with other similar programs concerning the field of education. 


At this exhibition, will be presented innovative solutions for energy efficacy and new technologies. You will have the chance to discover the latest electronic devices and products in heating-cooling, up-to-date photovoltaic systems, etc. In addition, several events and speeches regarding environmental and energy-saving issues will take place. 


This section refers to innovative technologies and specifically, it will include everything about e-gaming. Moreover, an e-gaming competition will be organised, where thousands of e-gaming fans will have the opportunity to participate. 


There are also many other events which aim to promote the Greek cuisine and flavours to the general public. You will have the opportunity to taste some local and organic products such as olive oil, “Feta” cheese, honey, wines, herbs and others, as well as domestic products from Greek islands such as Crete and from other territories.

Gastronomy-Thessaloniki International Fair -Greek-Transfer-Services

Thessaloniki International Fair Music Events

The International Trade Fair is also inextricably linked to entertainment since every year it hosts music events and other shows, attracting thousands of people regardless of age. Every night, leading music artists from the Greek music industry climb on the stage and create a magical atmosphere, deceiving you in their rhythm. Remember, at the TIF every day is a celebration!

Don’t miss the chance to attend the biggest Trade Fair event in Northern Greece and Thessaloniki!