In Northern Greece, you will find a place where all your desires and dreams will come true. Do you want to experience the best vacation ever, with dreamy beaches, enchanting nature and great history? Halkidiki is the ideal destination for your summer holidays. Undeniably, Halkidiki stands out for its exotic beaches, the well-organized beach bars, and of course the superb hospitality. In case you love adventures and want to explore something new, Halkidiki is the best option, since you will have the opportunity to try new things. What we suggest is going for a sailing tour around Halkidiki. 

Check our list below in order to see the best sailing tours across Halkidiki:

Sailing Tours in Kassandra 

If you are staying in Kassandra Peninsula, do not hesitate to go for a sailing tour. Either you spend your summer holidays with your family or with your friends and colleagues, a sailing tour will definitely be a unique experience. 


Enjoy a sailing tour at Toroneos Gulf, exploring the traditional village Afitos and its beauties. You will have the chance to admire from a distance the impressive elaborate traditional architecture of the village and the picturesque buildings, while the green waters and the rich natural scenery will amaze you. 

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Pleasure a private sailing tour from Sani, and give yourself the opportunity to live unforgettable moments. Explore fabulous places and amazing beaches, jump into the crystalline waters of Halkidiki, have fun with your friends and above all with outstanding services. A truly worthwhile experience!

The Best Sailing Tours in Halkidiki - Sani - Greek Transfer Services

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You can start your sailing tour from Paliouri and go ahead to visit other villages such as Potidea, Nikiti, Neos Marmaras, Koufo and Kelyfos island. In this way, that cruise will give you the opportunity to explore several famous villages and other regions of Halkidiki, while enjoying snorkelling and swimming in the crystal clear waters of Toroneos Gulf. On top of that, you should make a stop at Nikiti village or N. Marmaras for dinner, in order to taste the local cuisine and flavours. 

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Sailing Tours in Sithonia 

Sithonia is the middle Peninsula of Halkidiki, known for its wonderful beaches. The white sand and crystal clear waters, the natural places as well as the picturesque villages, is the reason why Sithonia attracts thousands of tourists every year. Do not miss the chance to explore the stunning natural beauty sceneries and the pure unspoiled beaches.


You can rent a boat from Vourvourou and visit the exotic island  Diaporos. Diaporos is just 10 km away from Agios Nikolaos Sithonia, outstanding for its long natural bay and the shallow warm waters. The scenery will captivate you since all the region is covered with pine forest, while the calmness of the island makes it a real paradise. Enjoy your swim in the clearest waters in Halkidiki! 

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Nikiti can offer you a great variety of sailing boats and tours, such as catamaran cruises, sailing excursions with a boat and other. For instance, you can pleasure a romantic sunset trip with a catamaran, enjoying the breathtaking sunset accompanied by delicious platters and cocktails. On the other hand, you can enjoy an all-day tour exploring the uninhabited Kelyfos island, a pure gem, surrounded by pines and olive trees.  The rich underwater fauna and flora as well as the interesting caves, calling you for exploration!  

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Neos Marmaras 

Neos Marmaras offers numerous sailing trips as well. What you can do is to book a yacht for your bachelor party or for a family cruise. You will have the opportunity to visit beautiful beaches, to swim in hidden water pools as well as to pleasure a delightful meal in traditional Greek taverns. 

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Ormos Panagias 

Ormos Panagias is the ideal place if you want to explore Drenia, the “Blue Lagoon” of the Aegean Sea. Drenia also known as Donkey islands, is a charming complex of little islets, with crystal-clear and deep blue waters. You can rent a boat From Ormos Panagias in order to visit this exotic destination. From Drenia, you can also access Ammouliani island, which is a paradise on earth. It is a peaceful place, with fine white sand and turquoise waters. Please note that both Drenia and Ammouliani are offered for snorkelling as well. 

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There is no better way to spend your day than sailing in the Aegean Sea. You can leave in the morning from Toroni and go for scuba diving. Halkidiki Greece offers some of the cleanest and warmest waters in the world! Rent a boat from Toroni and explore Halkidiki rich underwater marine life. Sithonia though is famous for its impressive and unique beaches as well, so do not miss out to explore its hidden treasures. 

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Sailing Tours in Mount Athos 

Mount Athos, also called Holy Mountain or Agion Oros, is mainly a monastic community. Today, this sacred place includes 20 monasteries where more than 2.000 monks are inhabited there. Keep in mind that only men are permitted to visit the territory. Thus, if you want to have an integral aspect of the monasteries and the surrounding region, all you have to do is to go for a cruising tour.

Nea Roda 

Enjoy a daily cruise from Nea Roda around the monasteries of Mount Athos, exploring its unique and out of the ordinary architecture. Spend quality time with your family, pleasuring beautiful moments of sailing and grasp the opportunity to get familiar with a new culture and a different way of living. 

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Escape from reality and give yourself a chance to relax and discover magical places! Combine your summer holidays in Halkidiki with a daily sailing cruise to Ammouliani and explore this small paradise with the most exotic beaches in Athos Peninsula. Take a boat from Ouranoupolis and enjoy unique moments in a delightful scenery. 

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