What makes Greece so special is definitely its cuisine! Apart from the exotic beaches, the great weather and the superb hospitality, Greek cuisine is the number one reason why tourists want to come back to this beautiful country. In fact, Greek cuisine belongs to the Mediterranean cuisine, which means that it is based on ingredients such as, olive oil, vegetables, herbs, fish, meat and dairy products such as yoghurt, greek feta and several types of cheese. 

However, most of the famous restaurants in Greece, prefer to be more creative, blending Greek raw materials and local products with other international cuisines creating splendid culinary dishes. Fortunately, if you are about to visit Greece, for business or leisure, here are our recommendations for the best restaurants to eat in Thessaloniki! 

Old Athens

Unlike its designation, Old Athens is a very popular restaurant in Thessaloniki among food lovers. It is a local tavern, located at a quiet neighbourhood in Toumba district, at a basement of an old building apartment. Regardless of its weird location, Old Athens offers exquisite food, serving Greek and French meat dishes such as spare ribs, prime rib, bon fillet, bisteca fiorentina, tagliata as well as delicious Greek appetizers like stewed vegetables, tzatziki, hot peppers, homemade fried potatoes and other. 

The 8 Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki - Old Athens - Greek Transfer ServicesThe unique atmosphere of the tavern featuring old-school style furniture, including traditional coffee shop chairs, burgundy table covers, and a fireplace will definitely amaze you! Important to be mentioned, is also the interesting decor with various wine labels scattered all around the interior of the restaurant. Not miss tasting their famous baked halvah at the end of your lunch!

Erebuni Armenian Restaurant 

Erebuni although it is an Armenian restaurant, includes many familiar flavours and it is one of the best choices for foodies. All dishes are prepared with fresh and carefully selected ingredients following the secrets of the Armenian culinary tradition. You will have the chance to taste marinated meat plates, roasted or grilled, depending on your appetite, home-cooked meals as well as authentic Armenian dishes such as mante, pastrami, lahmacun, kebab and many more delicacies. Erebuni provides also several scrumptious food choices for vegans and vegetarians as well. 

Opsopoion Maganeiai

It is characterized as a “small gem”, with superb service and unique atmosphere, Opsopoion Maganeiai is the ideal place if you are a pasta and meat connoisseur. Each plate is delicious with a punch of flavours in each bite. Appetizers and salads are really interesting while desserts are piece of work. From the friendly and cosy atmosphere to the food plating, everything portrays that it is an excellent restaurant for fine dining! Definitely among the best restaurants in Thessaloniki!

The 8 Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki - Opsopoion Maganeiai - Greek Transfer Services

Odos Delfon

Located in the heart of Thessaloniki, Odos Delfon is an excellent restaurant offering plenty of tasteful local and European dishes as well. The ambience and the decor are really great, the staff is very polite and the portion sizes are indeed huge. We recommend you to taste a glass of cassarosa wine paired with wild mushroom risotto!

To Elliniko

Close to the White Tower in a famous district named Str. Kallari, you will find the best tapas-style Greek restaurant in Thessaloniki. The decoration is unique, bringing you back to the old times, the food is meticulously prepared by fresh greek ingredients and speciality foods, the music suitable fitted with the place and the ambience lovely too. A greek food experience to remember!


The representative of the Mediterranean cuisine, with an open kitchen and a menu that changes depending on each season, Extravaganza is a distinct restaurant with outstanding dishes. Mushroom risotto, “kavourmopaty” and fries with truffle oil are some of the flavours that you should definitely taste. Not miss ordering appetizers such as garganelli with pecorino, yoghurt, smoked pancetta, egg yolk and truffle, are one-of-a-kind!

Nea Folia

A small rustic hidden place located at a narrow pedestrian footpath in Aristomenous street, with a long tradition in Greek cuisine that dates back to 1966. Nea Folia, an old-time meze tavern is a lovely place with superior authentic greek dishes. So to speak, the various types of cheese, smoked or salted seafood, “soutzoukaki”, “apaki”, “dolmades” and beef rib are some of the plates that will definitely elevate your senses! 

The 8 Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki - Nea Folia -Greek Transfer Services


Last but not least is Agioli! Located at Nikis Avenue overlooking the breathtaking Thermaikos Gulf, with elegant decoration and great aesthetic, Agioli gives you the opportunity to taste greek homemade and traditional dishes as well as Mediterranean flavours inspired by Crete, Ancient Greece and Pontus. Stuffed zucchini flowers with rice, herbs and avgolemono sauce, rooster with bulgur, aromatized with fennel, seasonal wild greens and pine nuts as well as sea bas fillet with tomato sauce and traditional pasta are some of the specialities of the restaurant. It is also offered a separate menu exclusively for Vegans. 

The 8 Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki - Agioli - Greek Transfer Services

If you are a foodaholic, we hope you will find our recommendations with the best restaurants in Thessaloniki useful!

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