Halkidiki region, apart from its natural beauties and the spectacular beaches, it is also known for its numerous significant historical landmarks. Thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad choose for their summer vacation the peninsula of Halkidiki, as it is considered as a remarkable destination suitable for families and individuals. 

For those who seek adventure and love history, it is very important to know that Halkidiki is a place full of ancient settlements, byzantine structures and secret mythological stories. Regardless of the season, either summer or winter, Halkidiki peninsula is a place worth to visit and discover!

Let us guide you to the best historical places of Halkidiki peninsula:

Ancient Stagira 

Ancient Stagira is the birthplace of the great philosopher Aristotle and it is located at the beautiful mountainous settlement of Olympiada. What is of great importance is the wall that came to the light after the excavations, which is at the top of the hill, built during the classic years. 

The Best Historical Places in Halkidiki - Ancient Stagira - Greek Transfer Services

As regards its history, Stagira was founded in 655 BC by Ionian settlers from Andros and occupied by Persians and Athenians in 480 BC and 424 BC accordingly. However, in 348 BC, Philip II of Macedon occupied the city and later rebuilt it as an honour to Aristotle’s, tutor of Alexander the Great.

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Ancient Olynthos 

Olynthos has a long history, some findings show that the city used to be an important prehistoric settlement, which was the city of the classical years. According to some stories Olynthos was the son of Hercules while the mythology says that the ancient city was the son of Strymonas, King of Thrace who was killed in a lion hunting. 

The Best Historical Places in Halkidiki - Ancient Olynthos - Greek Transfer Services

Don’t miss out on exploring the ancient Olynthos, walking through the roads and admiring its unique architecture! 

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Temple of Ammon Zeus 

The Temple of Ammon Zeus is located in Kallithea, and it is one of the most important historical places in Halkidiki. The natural beauty of the surroundings with water sources, the lush vegetation and the natural cave will definitely amaze you! Until the 2nd century A.D., the temple was the sanctuary of Dionysus but during the Roman period, the temple was reconstructed. After all, the temple was totally destroyed during the years of Constantine the Great. 

The Best Historical Places in Halkidiki - The Temple of Ammon Zeus - Greek Transfer Services

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Likithos Castle

Likithos Castle is located in Toroni in the Southwest Sithonia. This historical place belongs to the most important excavations of 1975, while is one of the most important archaeological sites in Halkidiki. In fact, this little Byzantine fort, almost 3.000 ago, used to be the harbour where thousands of ships from Asia and Europe anchored their boats. Today, the visitors can admire the remains of this ancient civilization and the ruins of the walls. 

The Best Historical Places in Halkidiki - Likithos Castle - Greek Transfer Services

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Poseidon Temple 

Poseidi also known as Ancient Mende, is the place where you will find the oldest temple of Poseidon. It is said that the temple was built by people from Eretria who worshipped the god Poseidon. The excavations uncovered four buildings, the main temple, two buildings around the temple and an arched building which is the oldest one, dated back to the Geometric period. 

The Best Historical Places in Halkidiki - Poseidon Temple - Greek Transfer Services

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Byzantine Tower (St. Paul)

The Byzantine Tower also known as St. Paul’s Tower is located in the village of Nea Fokea. In fact, it is a great historical place, as it is the best-preserved tower in Halkidiki. The Byzantine fortress has 17m high and it dated back in 1407. Unfortunately, it was partly destroyed by fire in 1821, but the roof was reconstructed in 1976. 

The Best Historical Places in Halkidiki - Byzantine Tower - Greek Transfer Services

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Grasp the chance to guide through Halkidiki region exploring its best historical places!

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