Every year Halkidiki attracts thousands of tourists, as it offers exotic beaches, numerous luxury and affordable resorts as well as interesting sites and small picturesque villages. Halkidiki is a beloved destination not only for tourists from abroad, but among Greek people as well.

In fact, Thessalonians during the summer prefer Halkidiki beach bars and clubs, in order to enjoy themselves and be entertained. All the beach bars in Halkidiki are well-organized, including sunbeds and umbrellas, while at the same time the beaches are some of the cleanest and most gorgeous in Greece.

Moreover, the beach bars in Halkidiki can be considered as the best destination in order for you to have a good time all day until late at night. You can enjoy swimming in the beautiful beaches of Halkidiki during the day, whereas in the early afternoon you can pleasure fine cocktails and refreshing beverages, while lying on a sunbed. On top of that, the beach bars in Halkidiki organize the best beach parties, as they host famous DJs both from Greece and from around the world, who cheer you up and keep you company till early in the morning.

If you are in the mood of partying and dancing, but at the same time relaxing on the beach, check our list of the 11 most popular beach bars in Halkidiki:

Kassandra Peninsula

Kassandra Peninsula, is the most popular and the most crowded among the three peninsulas, since it attracts thousands of tourists each year. The region is full of luxurious hotels and resorts as well as beautiful and organized beaches. What makes Kassandra outstands, is its famous and fully organized beach bars and the large sandy beaches. Marvelous golden sand beaches, aquamarine waters, beach parties, pine forests and the like, waiting for you to explore!

The following beach bars are some of the best in Kassandra Peninsula:


Cabana Beach Bar, is an exceptional beach bar located at Paliouri, a traditional village south of Pefkohori Halkidiki. The verdant surroundings along with the crystal clean waters can give you unique moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Cabana Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesThe distance from Thessaloniki is 110 km approximately, meaning about 1 hour and 30 minutes with vehicle.

At Cabana Beach Bar you can find comfortable sunbeds with umbrellas and large beach pillows, while you can pleasure at the same time coffee and drinks and listen great music providing by the best DJs.

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Leuki Ammos

Close to Cabana, you can also find another one great beach bar, Leuki Ammos. Leuki Ammos is situated at the Xenia Beach in Paliouri village as well. The majestic verdant environment combined with the vivid summer parties that are organized on the beach, can promise you a unique summer experience.

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Leuki Ammos Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesBesides, the beach bar is well organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, providing you with excellent services and hospitality!

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Navagos is a tropical beach bar, located at Paliouri as well. The sea is amazing, with green waters,while the surrounding area is covered with palm trees, giving you the illusion of being in an exotic island. If you prefer something different Navagos Beach Bar will definitely amaze you!

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Navagos Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesSun, exotic cocktails, palm trees and great music is everything you want!

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Glarokavos is one of the most popular beach bars in Halkidiki, where you can find a majestic beach as well. The crystal clean waters with small pebbles, the organized beach with comfortable and of high aesthetic sunbeds and umbrellas as well as the kind and willing personnel, can promise you unforgettable summer vacation!

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Glarokavos Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesGlarokavos Beach Bar is located at Pefkochori village, at a distance of 105 km from Thessaloniki approximately and 22 km from Kallithea village as well.

Grab your towel and your sunscreen and enjoy your summer vibes at enchanting Glarokavos!

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Umbrellas is an exceptional beach bar, located close to Pefkochori village. Its beautiful facilities as well as the unique surroundings make Umbrellas a wonderful destination. Enjoy your day swimming, relaxing and tasting some of the best cocktails of Halkidiki beach bars!

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Umbrellas Beach Bar-Greek Transfer Services

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Achinos Beach – 7 Seas

Achinos Beach – 7 Seas can provide you with superb hospitality and services. The beach bar is located at the famous Hanioti village, only 15 km away from Kallithea village. Its careful design and architecture with comfortable sunbeds and dreamy hanging swings along with the verdant background with huge palm trees and tropical cactus, will amaze you!

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Achinos Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesAchinos Beach Bar, apart from its great bar with the tasty cocktails, it is also highly recommended for the fine seafood dining.

Not miss to taste delicious dishes featured with high standard service, at Achinos rustic-chic restaurant!

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Lime Beach Bar

At Kassandra Peninsula, you will also find another one great beach bar, where you can pleasure coffee, drinks, swim and sunbathing. Lime Beach Bar is the ideal place in order for you to relax and rejuvenate!

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Lime Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesLocated at Afitos village, it offers a great beach bar with nice sandy beach and delicious beverages. Built on a lovely location, it provides you with the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea, allowing you to relieve stress and anxiety.

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Anemos Beach Bar

If you are seeking for a more family-friendly beach bar, where you can enjoy quality time with your kids playing on the beach all day, Anemos Beach Bar is the best option.

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Anemos Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesAnemos, is also highly recommended to the water-sports lovers, since there you can do surfing, water-ski, water bicycle, parachute on the beach etc.

On top of that, the location of the beach bar is very advantageous, since it is situated at Sani, at a distance of 86 km away from Thessaloniki, making it possible to be there within 1 hour.

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Sithonia Peninsula

Sithonia Peninsula, is the second peninsula of Halkidiki, known for the stunning beaches and the natural beauty landscape. The peninsula, stands out for the incredible infrastructure, the exotic Blue Flag awarded beaches and the amazing accommodation. What will surely dazzle you, is the beaches of Sithonia as they considered to be as small paradise on earth!

Stay tuned, as we are going to introduce you the best beach bars in Sithonia Peninsula:


In a dreamy location, where the green color of the nature is blended with the turquoise color of the sea, you will find Africafe Beach Bar. Comfortable sunbeds, fine white sand, house music and splendid cocktails constitute the background of your summer vacation.

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Africafe Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesChill out by the beach of the Africafe Beach Bar, enjoying refreshing cocktails and summer flavours!

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At the famous Kalogrias Beach, in Nikiti Halkidiki, you will find an exotic gulf, the Isla Beach Bar. This hidden paradise is all you need for your summer break. A fantastic place with extraordinary natural surroundings, where you can enjoy your morning swim in the crystalline waters of Kalogrias Beach, while during the day you can taste local homemade flavours and dishes at the Isla restaurant.

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Isla Beach Bar-Greek Transfer Services

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Mango Beach Bar

Last but not least, in a verdant scenery you will find Mango Beach Bar. Mango is also located at the beautiful beach of Kalogria, where the old folks say that the waters of the sea are magical.

11 Best Beach Bars in Halkidiki-Mango Beach Bar-Greek Transfer ServicesHowever, Mango Beach Bar can combine the social and very vivid life with the more lounge and exclusive aspect of your summer time. On the one hand, you can pleasure house music, refreshing cocktails, snacks, burgers and party on the beach etc. and other hand, you can chill out listening light jazz music accompanied with authentic Greek wine, in the exclusive side with VIP services.

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Hit up the best beach bars in Halkidiki and create Greek summer memories that will last forever!