To begin with, You should know that Sani and Ikos hotels are under the roof of the same company, meaning that they offer similar services and they have a common architectural design. Sani and Ikos hotels have a long history in the peninsula of Halikidiki as they rank for decades among the most popular travel destinations in Greece but also all around the world. If you are wondering why, the reason is simple. Sani and Ikos hotels offer an inclusive hospitality experience to their guests. In their facilities, you can find exceptional restaurants influenced by cuisines from all over the world. 

This article aims to inform you about the facilities of all Sani and Ikos Hotels in Halkidiki and for the amenities that each of them can offer. In this way, we hope to help you in selecting the best one for your individual needs in order to spend unforgettable moments on your vacation in Halkidiki. 

Sani Resort Kassandra Halkidiki

Sani Resort is located on the Kassandra Peninsula, at the area of Sani, from which it took its name. The resort includes five hotels of unparalleled beauty. Each one of them has its unique character while preserving Sani and Ikos aesthetics, culture and mentality!

Sani Beach

Sani Beach is the resorts’ largest hotel having a great variety of room categories ranging from double rooms to family-friendly suites. Thus, there is no doubt that it can cover every possible need of its visitors. Furthermore, its magnificent view of the azure waters of the Aegean sea combined with the golden sand of its private beach will for sure steal your breath away!

Sani Beach offer you a great variety of activities matching any possible preference of its visitors, such as athletic activities or visits at the relaxing spa of the hotel, where you can enjoy rejuvenating care and therapies suitable for adults and children as well.

 Sani Beach hotel is a great choice, if you value proximity to the beach and accommodation versatility.

Sani Club

Sani Club resembles a paradise on earth as it is nested on the mountain surrounded by lush nature. There, nature lovers will have the opportunity to admire Greek fauna and flora. Sani Club is located in the most remote spot of the resort, making it the best spot for those who value privacy.The hotel has also very easy access to a private beach of unspoken beauty, which has been awarded with the blue flag! Thus, it is a very good choice for those who want to enjoy activities like watersports! 

Regarding your dining options, you can choose to visit the main restaurant of Sani Club, named  Poseidon, like the ancient Greek god of the sea. There, you can taste all kinds of delicacies that the buffet has to offer you and it is all included in your package. 

Sani Club is a great choice for nature lovers and those who seek a secluded paradise to spend their vacation!

Sani Dunes 

Sani Dunes is one of the newest hotels of the Sani Resort, located next to the famous private marina resort! Sani Dunes is a boutique adult- focused hotel, of course, that does not mean that dunes is not able to  provide great family vacation as well.Sani Dunes offer you a great variety of activities in order to spend your vacation, such as tennis, table tennis, and watersports including scuba diving.

In conclusion, Sani dunes is a superb choice for couples, who are keen on adventures!

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Porto Sani

Porto Sani is a magical hotel of unique luxury and beauty, settled next to Sani Dunes, Porto Sani offers to its guests a great array of activities especially focused on young children. Those activities  take place at Porto’s  Kids’ Club. There, the kids can participate in “small Olympic games” conducted on the beach. 

As for your accommodation, Porto Sani offers you suites for small children, or for the whole family. You can also choose to rent a family suite with a private heated pool, ideal for a great swimming experience, as you also have the chance to admire the lavish private garden of the suites. 

Porto Sani is a great choice for families, who have very young children!

Sani Asterias

Sani Asterias is the most luxurious hotel in Sani Resort offering to its guests supreme services in order to have an unforgettable holiday experience in Halkidiki. Your accommodation in Sani Asterias will give you the opportunity to indulge into elegance!

There, you will have the chance to delve into a unique culinary experience tasting the exquisite delicacies of Michelin awarded menus. Moreover,  Asterias’ spacious suites will boggle your mind with their impressive interior design.

Sani Asterias will offer a great hospitality experience to those who value custom services and meticulous attention to details!

Ikos Hotels in Halkidiki

Ikos Oceania and Ikos Olivia hotels are a perfect example of redefining luxury in all-inclusive hotels and they are also located in the magnificent Halkidiki region. There you will have the chance to admire spectacular green forests and golden beaches and experience hospitality services of premium level.  

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Ikos Oceania 

Ikos Oceania is located at the area of Nea Moudania and it provides its guests with a great combination of luxurious accommodation and infinite etaitaitment possibilities.Ikos Oceania offers spacious rooms of deluxe design, decorated in the shades of azure blue. 

In the facilities of Ikos Oceania you can participate in athletic activities such as watersports, pilates, yoga and tennis. Furthermore, there is also a Kids Club, where your children can enjoy fun and educational activities.

In a nutshell, Ikos Oceania is a great all-inclusive option for carefree family vacations!

Ikos Olivia

Nested on Toroneos gulf in Halkidiki, a place of unique natural beauty. Ikos Olivia is an example of contemporary architectural design merging harmonically with the natural environment surrounding it.

There, spacious rooms and bungalows await to offer you a luxurious accommodation experience combined with spectacular views of Northern Aegean. Moreover, you can participate in extensive athletic programs that will set your body in an ecstatic state, along with your mind.

All in all, Ikos Olivia is a great accommodation choice for those who want to get to know the natural beauty of Halkidiki!

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Reading this article, we hope to have given you an idea of how to make the most of Sani and Ikos hospitality experience and choose the best accommodation option for you!

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