Oneiroupoli…the most beautiful and most fairytale, Christmas park in Greece! In fact, “Oneiroupoli” is a celebration of the Municipality of Drama, in eastern Macedonia, which is organized annually in the city centre and specifically in the Municipal Garden of Drama and Eleftheria Square. The duration of the event is around one month and it starts from the beginning of December until the beginning of January. Regarding the events vary, from concerts, theatre and dance performances, sports activities, games and other informative and entertaining programs. So, “Oneiroupoli” in Greek means “Dreamy City”, exactly because is the place where fairies, elves, reindeers, geeks, snowmen, and the Santa Claus himself live in. 

This Christmas we have prepared for you the best option in order to experience you and your family an imaginary journey in the most beautiful Christmas “town” in Greece. 

Stay tuned in order to explore everything you need to know about Oneiroupoli of Drama 2020:

Magic Path 

Discover every hidden secret of Oneiroupoli and win a surprise gift! Oneiroupoli invites you to discover its hidden secrets and meet the magic of Christmas that nestles in every corner of it. And when you have completed the journey to this fairytale city, you will be rewarded for this, winning a gift-surprise! 

Oneiroupoli Dramas 2020 - Magic Path

It is very simple to participate in this action. You just have to visit all the free action houses where the volunteers will help you with your participation, sealing your form. Fill in all the stamps and win your gift!

Bear in mind that the event takes place in the Municipal Garden of Drama.

Artistic Programme

Every day, from the very beginning of the celebration several events take place. As a visitor, you will have the opportunity to attend unique cultural festivals, such as concerts and music events, as well as traditional events and dancing shows. Important to be mentioned is that famous Greek music artists will appear in the main stage amusing you every night! 

Moreover, other events such as running competitions, fairy tales, games and songs for our little friends, cinema nights and other cultural actions will take place as well. 

Parallel Events 

In the wider area of the city, you will also come across several other actions hosted by the municipality of Drama. Those actions include theatre performances and traditional dancing events, ski events in the Ski resort of the area, face-painting, guided tours to the most known museums of the city like the Archaeological Museum of Drama, chess tournaments and student’s activities and events, such as sports and art competitions. 

Oneiroupoli Dramas 2020 - Parallel Events

Fun Park 

The Fun Park of Oneiroupoli will offer you great memories that will last forever! You will have the chance to have fun and enjoy endless amusement, just be in that mood of enjoyment and cheerfulness. Events for children of all ages and other attractions will await you as well. Oneiroupoli also is aimed at the younger audience. Meet your friends and your classmates and have fun until… you drop! As far as it concerns the older audience, you will see how easy it is to get carried away by your children and your grandchildren, having fun together and creating beautiful memories.

Christmas Market 

The Christmas Market of Oneiroupoli is a world full of colours, fragrances and flavours! Big traditional wooden structures all of them decorated with Christmas ornaments, will include souvenirs, toys, balloons, chocolates, candies, chestnuts, Glühwein, crepes, hot dog, traditional Greek pies with phyllo dough, pirozhki, pop-corn, cotton candy as well as several other items, will wait for you to taste them.

Oneiroupoli Dramas 2020 - Christmas Market

Oneiroupoli Pavilions 

Once you walk through the “doors” of Oneiroupoli, you will bump into a few scattered pavilions, all of them embellished with spectacular Christmas ornaments, which are separated into several distinct themes. For instance, you will find the “House of Santa Claus”, the “Candy Workshop” as well as the “Museum of Flavour” and other interesting Christmas pavilions.

Santa Claus House 

Santa Claus hug is always open and ready to offer you warmth, love and many, many candies! The red clothes, the white hair and beard, the fluffy belly and the round eyeglass, make Santa Claus again this year the protagonist of the thematic park of Oneiroupoli.

Oneiroupoli Dramas 2020 - Santa Claus House

The Forest of Wishes and Hope 

You are invited to sneak into the forest and all together to decorate the branches of the trees, in order many more wishes to travel around the world. The beautiful wooden little house that you will come across into the Forest of Wishes and Hope, is full of surprises.

Caramel Workshop

In the workshop caramel, you will meet the Chef who is going to guide you through the delicious world of caramel so as to sweeten your palate.

Museum of Flavour

At the Museum of Flavour, you will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of a healthy diet. You will be also informed about the balanced diet and the value of the proper breakfast.

Oneiroupoli Dramas 2020 - Museum of Flavour

The Caramel & Candy Factory 

Enormous lollipops, delicious candies and sweets, melted chocolate and many Christmas cakes, comprise an incredibly attractive setting around the big lake of Santa Claus village.

Facepainting with Caramels

The professional artists will transform you into the protagonist of the festival! At the little house of face-painting, the faces of little and big friends of Oneiroupoli constitute the canvas for unique Christmas creations.

Playmobil Playground 

Playmobil, the most beloved toy brand in the world, arrives at the dreamy village of Drama full of surprises. Our little visitors of Oneiroupoli will pleasure again this year a unique Playmobil experience!

The Post-Office of the Elves 

If you want to be sure that Santa Claus will remember to bring you exactly what you asked for this year’s Christmas, the solution lies in this magical little house. Here the elves receive all the letters and they classify them in order to prepare the presents of Santa’s little friends.

Oneiroupoli Dramas 2020 - The Post-Office of the Elves

Molecular Elf’s Pastry Shop

The pastry Chef and his naughty assistant await you at the pastry shop counter in order to discover together the science that is hidden in their kitchen. With music, cheerfulness and a hilarious demonstration full of mischiefs and bloops, you will be introduced into the microcosm of gastronomy!

Do not miss the chance to explore all these enthralling wooden structures and navigate through this unique Christmas village, that it looks like it emerged from a fantasy world!

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