Halkidiki is one of the most known tourist destinations in Greece, with heavenly beaches and majestic turquoise waters. This big peninsula, comprised of 3 smaller peninsulas, the famous “3 legs” of Halkidiki, is the ideal place for everyone since it combines mountainous vacation and beach. So to speak, the mountainous side of Halkidiki includes the following three astonishing wooden mountain chains, Kassandrinos, Itamos and Athos respectfully, while the highest peaks are, Cholomondas (1,165), Chortiatis (1,201 m.) and Stratoniko (913 m.). 

If the summer holidays in Halkidiki is considered to be the ultimate summer experience by each greek and foreign tourist, the winter in Halkidiki is a treasure that is now slowly discovering!

Stay tuned, in order to explore the mountainous side of Halkidiki and the secrets of Mount Cholomondas.

Into the woods of Cholomondas Mountain

Mount Cholomondas is a fascinating place, with breathtaking views and with amazing diverse nature. This incredible mountain range is the perfect escape destination for adventure lovers who want to explore nature. It is an area of great beauty, covered with pine, oaks, fir and chestnut trees. The mount is also rich in herbs which you can use to make teas, while there you will also find oregano, a green herb which is commonly used in Greek cuisine.

Explore the mountainous side of Halkidiki - Mount Cholomondas - Into the woods of Cholomondas Mountain -Greek Transfer Services

There are also many types of wildflowers and many species of birds and wild animals as well. As you explore the woodlands, the impressive canyons and the natural springs will definitely catch your attention! It is worth mentioning that a large area of Mount Cholomondas is a part of Natura 2000  Network, where you can stroll around, discovering its biodiversity.

Activities on Mount Cholomondas 

You can do a number of activities when visiting Mount Cholomondas. You can go climbing and hiking, or you can follow the walking paths exploring the plethora of aromatic herbs and wildflowers and the different varieties of mushrooms.

Explore the mountainous side of Halkidiki - Mount Cholomondas - Activities on Mount Cholomondas - Greek Transfer Services

Highly recommended, especially among adventure lovers, is the mountain bike activity. You can book a guided tour or alternatively you can go alone since Mt. Cholomondas offers well-designed mountain and hiking trails and paths. Cycling in the woods, through the trees, is a marvellous activity which can improve your health offering you a great opportunity to escape from your daily routine and come closer to nature and its beauties. 

Stop by Arnaia village 

At a small distance and approximately within 6 km, you will find the traditional village Arnaia. Arnaia is a beautiful settlement surrounded by forested hills, with traditional architecture and rich history. The village attracts many tourists throughout the year and is an ideal mountainous destination for your summer or Christmas holidays.

Explore the mountainous side of Halkidiki - Mount Cholomondas - Stop by Arnaia village - Greek Transfer Services

You can stroll around the area and admire the preserving stoned buildings as well as to visit the impressive Historical and Folkore Museum of the village. In addition, visiting Arnaia gives you the chance to explore its traditions and customs and enjoy interesting festivals and traditional events. Not forget to mention the local products and gastronomy that Arnaia is famous for! Pure honey of Cholomonda Mountain, honey wax, royal jelly, local “tsipouro” made by honey, yoghurt and spoon sweet and jams are some of the products that you should definitely try. 

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Excursions close to Cholomondas 

Only 35 km away from Arnaia you will find the capital of Halkidiki, Poligiros. You can stroll around the town and explore its beautiful sites and museums. The Archaeological and the Folklore Museum are definitely worth a visit, while the old city with the traditional and preserved buildings is not to be missed!

Explore the mountainous side of Halkidiki - Mount Cholomondas - Excursions close to Cholomondas -Greek Transfer Services

Important enough to be mentioned, is the fact that Poligiros has a long tradition in soap-making, produced by olive oils. So, if you love natural cosmetics, not miss the chance to buy this amazing handcrafted natural products. 

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Other incredible villages and small towns that definitely worth a visit are Paleochori, Neochori, Agia Varvara, Stanos and Taxiarchis as well. All of them are considered as preservable settlements due to their traditional architecture, creating a beautiful setting into the verdant mountains. The mountainous side of Halkidiki offers you also plenty of outdoor activities and alternative things to do, that will amaze even the most demanding ones. In the mountains of Halkidiki, you will find stunning hiking trails and paths while the riskiest of you, you can enjoy extreme sports such as 4×4 safari and paragliding. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to play tennis or golf, to do archery as well as to enjoy horseriding.

The mountainous side of Halkidiki, including Cholomondas Mount, is an ideal destination that will reward every traveller and will make him feel like becoming one with nature! 

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