Pieria also is known as Olympic Riviera, is a famous travel destination near Thessaloniki offering great beaches and gorgeous natural surroundings. What makes the Pieria region stand out, is the unique combination of the mountain and sea. Especially, if you think about its designation (i.e. Olympic Riviera), you will understand that the region offers spectacular views of the imposing Mount Olympus, which is visible from every angle, whether you are in Katerini, or Litochoro, Leptokaria and in general in any area on the Riviera of Pieria. 

Let’s explore further Pieria, the Olympic Riviera! 

Katerini – Paralia Katerinis 

Within less than one hour from Thessaloniki, you can reach the beautiful coastal region of Katerini. The city of Katerini is usually used as a base to explore the surrounding area, especially Mount Olympus. Nevertheless, is a nice and vivid city full of people, offering all the amenities. What’s worth visiting in Katerini, is its Municipal Park. It is an oasis in the city centre, offering a breath of fresh air to its residents and visitors. The fountains, the small animals and the playground create a great backdrop, ideal for families and children. 

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At a distance of about 12 km from the city of Katerini, you will find the amazing beach Korinos. Korinos, boasts a long sandy coast with clear waters which attracts mainly families and locals, while nearby you will have the opportunity to discover an ancient site called “Louloudies”, a fortified post-Byzantine settlement. However, just 7 km from the centre of Katerini you can also visit the homonymous Paralia of Katerini.  The coast features a sandy beach with shallow waters, where you can also find a wide range of watersports and nightlife. 

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22 km South of Katerini, is perched the picturesque Litochoro. A perfect starting point if you want to explore Mount Olympus. Although it is limited in size, Litochoro gets really busy as it combines access both to the sea and the mountain. Its picture-perfect location, looking straight up to the slopes of Olympus and downwards at the Aegean Sea, creates a unique setting that amazes every visitor. If you visit Litochoro during winter, you should know that it provides also a newly-constructed ski resort offering a wide range of winter sports for ski lovers. 

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After enjoying a morning cup of coffee at the lovely Litochoro, it’s time to explore the coastal area known as Plaka Litochorou. There are found a few beach bars at Plaka Litochorou, but worthy. Fully-organized with luxury amenities, they provide relaxing sunbeds, refreshing drinks and cocktails as well as fine dining.

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Heading south from Litochoro you will find Leptokaria, another beach resort of the Olympic Riviera. Boasting a fine pebbly shore, dozens of umbrellas and sunbeds, great watersports facilities and plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants, the beach of Leptokaria is the favourite spot of the locals. At a close distance, you can also explore an interesting ancient city called Leibethra or Leivithra, which was played an important role in the history of Pieria. 

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Panteleimon Beach – Palaios Panteleimonas 

Continuing our exploration of the Olympic Riviera and at a distance of only 10 minutes from Leptokaria is the beach of Panteleimonas. Relatively large in size, with mixed sand and pebbles and surrounded by huge plane trees, Panteleimonas beach guarantee you relaxing swim and sunbathing. After enjoying the sunbathing, all roads lead to the charming village of Palaios Panteleimonas, one of the best attractions of the Pieria region. Traditional stone-built taverns offering local and Greek delicacies overlooking the impressive Mount Olympus, Macedonian-style buildings and houses, stone-paved alleys, hospitable people and, above all, breathtaking panoramic views of the Olympic Riviera, await to be explored. Do not miss to bring a camera with you to capture some once-in-a-lifetime photos.

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Last stop, in our trip to Pieria and the exploration of the magical Olympic Riviera, is the quaint fishing village of Platamonas. Easily reachable from the city of Thessaloniki, within 1 hour and 10 minutes approximately, it is an excellent choice for a short getaway. You will be impressed by the famous Platamonas Castle, which dominates just outside the settlement, providing spectacular views over the long coast of Pieria. During summer, Platamonas attracts many visitors due to the vivid nightlife and the advantageous location.  Along the rocky fishing harbour, there are stretching plenty of fishing taverns, restaurants, bars and cafes, as well as luxury hotels and nice seaside resorts. Quite pleasant is also the beach of Platamonas, clean and pebbly and well-organized with numerous bars, cafes and taverns and with great views over the Castle and the pleasant marina.

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From the striking Mount Olympus views to the stunning old preserved settlements and the interesting lifestyle, Pieria, the Olympic Riviera is a travel destination of unexpected beauty. Greek Transfer Services offers reliable, safe and direct private taxi & transfer services to Pieria and anywhere in Greece. Book your transfer online and enjoy a hassle-free ride with our company!