Kavala is a charming city of Northern Greece, located around 153 km away from Thessaloniki. Amphitheatrically built, boasting amazing views over the Aegean Sea and the island of Thassos, it is one of the most scenic places in Greece and a wonderful travel destination. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore Kavala and its wonderful spots that are definitely worth a visit. 

The Castle of Kavala

It is worth visiting the impressive castle, the trademark of the city of Kavala. Built in the early 15th century, it is a real gem for the city. Among the things worth discovering of the Fortress is the incredible panoramic view of Kavala offered by its roof, the ammunition depot, the outpost and the water tank as well. What is of great importance is that the castle was destroyed and rebuilt several times, which is why the influences from the Byzantines, the Venetians and the Ottomans are evident.

Explore Kavala the Precious Gem of Northern Greece - The Castle of Kavala -Greek Transfer Services

Kavala Kamares – Aqueduct

The arched Old Aqueduct of the city, also known as Kamares, is one of the most popular monuments of Kavala. It was built during the Turkish occupation by Ibrahim around the 16th century, while granite and bricks from the area were used for its construction. The imposing structure has a length of 270 m. and a height of 25m respectively. 

Explore Kavala the Precious Gem of Northern Greece - Kavala Kamares - Aqueduct - Greek Transfer Services

The Archaeological Museum of Kavala

The Archaeological Museum of Kavala was founded in 1934 and relocated in 1963. It hosts various permanent and periodic exhibitions, while among the exhibits stand out the objects and findings from the archaeological site of Amphipolis and Naples as well as from other areas of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

Explore Kavala the Precious Gem of Northern Greece - Archaeological Museum of Kavala - Greek Transfer Services

The Historical Imaret 

Wandering around the Old Town of Kavala, you will also come across another monument of great historical importance, the famous Imaret. Imaret, this impressive Ottoman building seems like it has breached from a fairy tale like the “One thousand and one nights” (The Arabian Nights). Since 2001 the monument has operated as a luxury resort maintaining the glamour and atmosphere of its time. Its indoor courtyards, the vaulted galleries and the arches are some of the elements that make it stand out.

Explore Kavala the Precious Gem of Northern Greece - The Historical Imaret - Greek Transfer Services

Visit the Island of Thassos

From Kavala, you also have the opportunity to explore the majestic island of the North Aegean Sea called Thassos. Thassos is a beautiful green island, located just 50 km from Keramoti Port. Due to the easy accessibility from mainland Greece, Thassos is a very preferable summer destination among Greeks and Balkans as well. Here you will find splendid beaches, unique natural surroundings and lovely villages with delicious local traditional flavours. 

Explore Kavala the Precious Gem of Northern Greece - Visit the Island of Thassos - Greek Transfer Services

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