Are you thinking of visiting Halkidiki for your summer vacation? Here is everything you need to know about Halkidiki best beaches. Explore Halkidiki exotic beaches with crystalline waters, for an unforgettable vacation experience!

Kassandra Peninsula

Kassandra Peninsula is the first peninsula (the one on the left side) of Halkidiki and the most famous of all three. It is also the most crowded among the  other peninsulas, known for its vivid nightlife as well as the innumerable and well-organized beach bars. Every year, thousands of tourists choose Kassandra Peninsula for their vacation, not only due to its natural beauty and the archaeological sites, but also due to its numerous beach bars and the blue-flagged beaches. Sani, Possidi, Kallithea, Pefkohori and Paliouri are some of the most popular beaches in Kassandra that you should definitely visit! Reading below, you will get a thorough idea of where you can swim, either you are with your beloved companion or your fellows, where you can party or where you can enjoy delicious cocktails with a piece of mind; all in all, the top beach choices!


Sani Beach is one of the prettiest on Kassandra Peninsula, outstanding for its white sand and the shallow crystalline waters. Its distance from Thessaloniki makes it possible to visit in the same day, since it is located only one hour away.Sani-Discover-the-most-beautiful- beaches-in-Halkidiki-Greek-Transfer-Services

Nowadays, the biggest part of Sani Beach belongs to Sani Resort complex. Sani Resort is a luxurious hotel complex, where you can find some of the best and of high standards beaches. Bousoulas, Sani Club, See You, Asterias and Ammos are the most prominent of them, offering babewatch service as well as several watersports and other activities. For those who are not interested in visiting Sani Resort, Anemos Beach Bar is the best option. It is a very pleasing and tasteful place, family-friendly but, usually overcrowded during weekends.

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Going deeper towards the left side of the peninsula and in about 40-minute drive, you will find Possidi Cape. In the village of Possidi there is a pretty decent beach, but not at all organised, meaning that it is necessary to take food, water, coffee and of course umbrellas with you, if you are about to visit it. This endless sandy beach, the crystal clear waters along with the full covered in pine trees landscape, constitute the perfect background for your summer holidays.Possidi-Discover-the-most-beautiful- beaches-in-Halkidiki-Greek-Transfer-Services

Right next to Possidi you will find a lovely shallow sandy beach named Aigeopelagitika. The beach offers plenty of space owing to the length of the coastline, so that to enjoy unique moments of relaxation and tranquility. Do not forget to take a camera with you in order to capture the old lighthouse which is located at the edge of the Possidi Cape!

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Kallithea is considered to be the most popular village in Halkidiki. It is also the most populated village, known for its incomparable nature, the history and the vivid nightlife. Apart from that, the beach of Kallithea is also one of the most finest with clear waters and golden sand beaches. On top of that, the gradual depth of the water allow secure entrance both to children and to older people. Additionally, there is no reason to worry about the beach equipment, since the seafront is fully organised with umbrellas, sun beds, coffee and so on.

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Pefkohori is another place-to-be, situated on the Southeastern part of the Kassandra Peninsula, 19 km away from Kallithea village. During the summer period, Kallithea and Pefkohori are the most crowded villages, since they provide a great number of shops, taverns, restaurants and luxurious hotels and apartments. However, you can enjoy sunbathing on the sandy beach of Pefkohori village as well as refreshing cocktails by the sea, surrounded by a unique green pine-covered scenery.

On the other hand, in a distance of 5 km from the village you will find some of the best and fully-organised beach bars in Kassandra Halkidiki, outstanding for their clear waters. Glarokavos, Elephant and Umbrellas beach bars can promise you beautiful moments of relaxation, combined with fine cocktails and tasty food.

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Paliouri is very popular among Thessalonians and mostly preferred by young people. Chrouso and Xenia are some of the most common beaches in Paliouri, while Cabana, Lefki Ammos, Navagos and Koursaros are some of the most famous and fully-organised beach bars in the first finger of Halkidiki. Regarding the beaches, they are all amazing with crystal clear waters and golden sand.Paliouri-Discover-the-most-beautiful- beaches-in-Halkidiki-Greek-Transfer-Services


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Sithonia Peninsula

Sithonia Peninsula, also known as the second finger of Halkidiki, is a magical place outstanding for its enchanting beaches and the landscape of incomparable natural beauty. Mostly, it appeals to nature lovers and people who are seeking for tranquility and relaxation. Brace yourself for an adventurous summer, full of new experiences!


Nikiti village is located in a distance of 100km from Thessaloniki. Recently, the seafront road of the village has been redeveloped, offering a nice place fraught with restaurants and taverns, where the visitors can enjoy fine drinking and dining. Nikiti beach, although being well organised with sun beds and umbrellas, lacks in clarity and attractiveness.

Kalogria-Discover-the-most-beautiful- beaches-in-Halkidiki-Greek-Transfer-Services

On the contrary, within 7 minutes from Nikiti village you will find Kalogria Beach. Kalogria, is considered to be one of the most alluring beaches in Sithonia Peninsula. Not only its fine soft sand, but also its shallow turquoise and warm waters create the perfect scenery appropriate for families and children.


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Neos Marmaras

In Neos Marmaras you can find absolute beaches, with thin white sand and blue crystal clear  water. So to speak, Lagomandra Beach can be considered as the secret paradise of Sithonia! Awarded with EU Blue Flags, this marvellous destination provides visitors with the opportunity to experience unique vacations, enjoying the view of the deep blue waters, the verdant surroundings and the golden beach.Lagomandra-Discover-the-most-beautiful- beaches-in-Halkidiki-Greek-Transfer-Services


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Ormos Panagias

Ormos Panagias is the place where the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia Peninsula are located. Specifically, you can pleasure the ultimate experience of the smooth sand and the turquoise crystal clear waters accompanied by shallow and calm sea. On top of that, even during the peak season it does not get overcrowded, due to its spacious and long coastline. Lagonisi and Talgo, are also some of the most popular and preferred beaches in Sithonia, situated just a few kilometres away from Ormos. Besides, they constitute the ideal alternative if you are seeking for heavenly and dreamy beaches.


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Vourvourou is a very popular destination in Halkidiki, known for its exceptional beaches. It is considered to have blessed beaches with the most idyllic scenery. Karydi and Fava beach are the two most prominent of Vourvourou. Both are great swimming spots, with shallow and clean waters, perfect for all types and ages (family, elders and youth) to chill out.

Karydi-Discover-the-most-beautiful- beaches-in-Halkidiki-Greek-Transfer-Services

Karydi Beach is an exotic beach, with white sand and turquoise waters, surrounded by a grove of pine trees. The position of the beach makes it possible to be protected from the winds. Thus, the sea is always warm and calm. Concerning the Fava Beach, although it is more complicated to find it, its enchanting landscape will elate your senses. Its high cliffs, the lush vegetation, the thin sand with the small pebbles and the crystal clear shallow waters can assure you unique moments of serenity and calmness. Bear in mind that Fava is a virgin beach, meaning that you have to bring food, water and drinks with you.

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At Sithonia Peninsula, Kavourotrypes is also a highly recommended beach. Do not miss the chance to visit Kavourotrypes Beach, one of the most favourite beaches in Sithonia and definitely among the prettiest beaches in Halkidiki. Apart from the superb beach and the magnificent sea, there you will also have the chance to admire the astonishing view of the popular Mount Athos. Keep also in mind that the surrounding pine forest provide adequate shade as the temperature increases. There are a few more beaches nearby that you should certainly visit such as, Kalamitsi and Platanitsi as well as  Armenistis, which is also one of the greatest campings in Halkidiki.


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Mount Athos Peninsula

Mount Athos Peninsula is the easternmost part of Halkidiki, where the greatest part is a Monastic State. Mount Athos is also known as Holy Mountain or Agion Oros. Apart from the autonomous Monastic State, Athos has many other things to do and explore. On top of that, most of the beaches are certified with Blue Flag, as well as the green landscape and the beautiful scenery can promise you comfortable and enjoyable vacations.


Ammouliani is a small island with rich history and with some of the most exotic beaches in Athos Peninsula. Alykes Beach for instance, outstands for its white sand and the crystal clear turquoise waters. Do not miss the opportunity to swim in the most famous and photogenic beach of Halkidiki. Megali Ammos, Zepko, Karagatsi and Marmari are also superb beaches all of them certified with Blue Flag.Ammouliani-Discover-the-most-beautiful- beaches-in-Halkidiki-Greek-Transfer-Services


Ierissos can be considered as a small town, outstanding for its picturesque background and the very long beaches. It is an ideal destination if you are seeking for peacefulness and tranquility, since there you will find some of the most beautiful and wide beaches on Athos. Only 2km away from Ierissos you will find Kakoudia Beach, known for its natural beauty and the pure coast. The gradual depth, the golden sand and the crystal clear waters constitute an astonishing scenery for one-of-a-kind vacation.

There are also many other interesting activities to do as well as many other awesome beaches to explore in Athos Peninsula, such as Comitsa Beach and  Nea Roda.


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