Greece is a famous summer destination as the country is full of wonderful and diverse beaches, which are also easily accessible from almost every urban center! In fact, there are plenty of amazingly beautiful beaches, in a small distance from Thessaloniki that can offer you relaxing and hassle-free summer experiences!

Perea Beach

If your starting point is Thessaloniki and you are looking for a really quick getaway, the best option for you is the beach of Perea, as it is only 17km away from the center of the city. That, of course, is not the only reason why Perea beach is a quite popular option among the locals and the tourists of the Thessaloniki, as it also has a clear and long coastline, and many entertainment options because of its rich nightlife!

While Perea is actually a residential suburb of the city, it also relies heavily on tourism! In the area there are many taverns, beach bars, and nightclubs which are really popular especially among young people. In addition, there are luxurious hospitality options such as the Royal Hotel and Golden Star City Resort!

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Agia Triada Beach 

Agia Triada is located just 22 km away from the city of Thessaloniki and is near to some of the most picturesque villages of the area, which are no other than Nea Michaniona and Epanomi! On the beach of Agia Triada you will have the chance to have wonderful vacation experiences just a few kilometers away from all the amenities of a big city such as Thessaloniki.

Furthermore, Agia Triada Beach is a place of unique natural beauty as the beach is really long and wide and the sea has a unique crystal blue color that will make you feel that you have traveled to a majestic distant island. In addition, visiting Agia Triada Beach you can find facilities such as watersports centers in order to enjoy activities like Scuba diving and snorkeling!

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Potamos Beach 

Located near the village of Epanomi, Potamos beach is the perfect sanctuary just a few kilometers away from the city, having an enchanting view to the Thermaic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. Due to the fact that the beach merges with the open sea, the waters at Potamos are crystal clear. Moreover, the beach’s southwestern side offers breathtaking views of Mount Olympus, the biggest mountain in Greece. Potamos beach is not only a famous option for the residents of Thessaloniki, who dwell in the city during summer, but also for Thessaloniki visitors, who not only want to get to know the cosmopolitan beauty of the city but also discover all the worth visiting locations of the nearby area, as Potamos is only 40 minutes away from it by car!

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Nea Kallikratia beach

Nea kallikratia is a beautiful small city of 6.000 residents, around 45 km away from Thessaloniki and it is a very popular destination especially among young people. You see, Nea Kallikratia offers countless entertainment options, as it is considered one of the places with the most vivid nightlife near Thessaloniki! If you visit Nea Kallikratia, you will have the chance to party until morning in one of the many beach bars and the clubs of the settlement. Moreover, the most important attraction for tourists is the famous beach of Nea Kallikratia, which is named Kyani Akti, meaning Blue Beach.

The magical and long beaches, the soft golden sand and the crystal clear water make Nea Kallikratia one of the first choices for all tourists visiting the West Coast. The sea at the long wide beach of Nea Kallikratia is shallow, making it also an ideal destination for families with very young kids!

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Asprovalta beach

Asprovalta beach is one of the visited beaches near Thessaloniki during summer months: Asprovalta is a small city about 80 km west of Thessaloniki. Nestled in the center of Striminokos Gulf. Asprovalta is thriving during summer months because of tourists. As a result, there are plenty of hotels and tourist facilities and also campings, offering you a great variety of accommodation options.

In Asprovalta you will have the chance to admire sceneries of great beauty as it has a lush green forest of pine trees that merges with its turquoise sea. This picturesque settlement has a long sandy beach with crystal clear waters and although it is organized to most of its parts, you can still find some free spots. Last but not least, along the beach you can find many entertainment options as the area is full of taverns and beach bars! 

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In a nutshell, there are many beaches near Thessaloniki that are definitely worth visiting and will provide you some great time near the city! After all, combining your summer vacation with the city life of Thessaloniki, is a great solution if you want to combine business with work!

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