The endless Mediterranean beauty of Greece does not seize to amaze its visitors, even when the famous Greek summer is long gone. The winter is also a great time to visit Greece, as it is usually mild, having many days that are bright and sunny. Furthermore, winter holidays in Greece, is a great way to experience this amazing country in the most authentic way. You see, that time of the year you will have the chance to visit the biggest urban centers of Greece without being overwhelmed by the extreme summer heat. In addition, you can make wonderful excursions to the majestic mountainous destinations of Greece and delve in to the rich tradition of the country! In this article you are going to discover which are the best destinations to visit during your winter holidays in Greece and also what are the best things to do as soon as you get there!


The Peninsula of Pelion is located in the geographic region of Magnesia and is considered being one of the most famous destinations for winter holidays in Greece, for various reasons. First of all, Pelion is interwoven with the traditional architecture of the mountainous Greece. Its stone-built mansions with the wooden balconies, in combination with the narrow stone paved allies create an idyllic setting for those who want to spend a dream winter vacation in Greece. Furthermore, Pelion is an amazing destination for those who love nature excursions! You see, the mountain of Pelion is covered with lush vegetation of pine and olive trees. Last but not least, Pelion is famous for its ski center, which is one of the first ski centers that operated in Greece.The ski center settles only 2 km away mountainous village of Hania, 12km from the picturesque village of Portaria and 27 km from the capital of Magnesia, Volos.

Things to do in Pelion

Pelion is actually a peninsula with many small villages, so it offers plenty of things to do! One of the best things that you could do during your winter holidays in Pelion, is hiking on the amazing forests between the villages!  Walking on those amazing paths, you will have the chance to discover the rich local fauna and flora. Moreover, you can admire some amazing views of Pagasitikos gulf merging with Pelion Mountain. Another thing that you should definitely try is skiing on the slopes of Pelion, as soon as you visit its ski center. Last but not least, you should definitely visit the traditional taverns of Pelion, and taste some of its famous local dishes, such as spetsofai. Another thing that you must also definitely try, is the well-known drink of the region, tsipouro.

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Metsovo is also a spectacular destination for winter holidays in Greece.  Metsovo is a large picturesque village on the Pindus mountain range, located on the geographic region of Epirus. Metsovo is renounced for its architectural design that dates back centuries ago, making its visitors feel like they have travelled back in time! Furthermore, in Metsovo you will also find one of the best ski centers in Greece!

Things to do in Metsovo

As soon as you get to Metsovo, You should definitely have a look on the Averoff Gardens, located near the center of the settlement. The Averoff Gardens are filled with trees and plants indicative of the indigenous flora! Another place that is worth-visiting, is the folk art museum of Metsovo, housed in the renovated Tossizza family mansion (built in 1661). There you can delve into the local tradition admiring costumes and everyday tools!

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The capital of Epirus, Ioannina, is a gorgeous option to spend your winter holidays in Greece. Ioannina is the biggest lake town in the country, having beautiful promenades along its lake shores. Another famous landmark of the city is its famous stone-built castle by the lake which is the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece.

Things to do in Ioannina

Ioannina is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city that offers many entertainment options, because of the many university students living there! You can choose between taverns with traditional music and nightclubs, which play all the hot international hits. Furthermore, Ioannina is also a city that offers unique culinary experiences! Lake fish, such as eels and trout, are cooked in a delicious way. Last but not least, you can taste frog’s legs, a special delicacy which is the signature dish of the Ioannina cuisine.

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Those were the top destinations for winter holidays in Greece. Of course there are plenty more fantastic places to discover in Greece, simply by booking your transfer or tour with Greek transfer services!