The Greeks often say ‘’there is no place like Halkidiki’’…Truth is Halkidiki is a renowned summer destination in Greece and abroad, disposing some of the best beaches you have ever been! Thousands of tourists arrive there every summer in order to enjoy the amazing waters and the Greek sun. Athos, Sithonia, Kassandra…the three peninsulas offer something for every taste. If you are planning to visit Halkidiki but you don’t know exactly what to do or you in the process of searching things to do while there, here is a list with 7 things that you should definitely try for an unforgettable vacation experience!

Explore the beaches

First things first, the beaches! Halkidiki is famous for its paradise like natural sceneries and of course its beaches. Crystal clear, aquamarine waters with spacious coasts of golden sand that look like they jumped out of a card postal! The majority of the beaches in Chalkidiki are fully organized with beach bars and awarded by the blue flag.

Explore the beaches - Best things to do in Halkidiki - Greek Transfer Services

But that’s not all…The best part of Halkidiki beaches is that most of them are easily accessible by car or even on foot. Some of them have a more cosmopolitan vibe while others are for those who value their privacy. Whatever the case, it is sure that in Halkidiki you will find the perfect beach for your summery relaxation!

Our top recommendations:

  • Kavourotrypes
  • Karydi Beach
  • Alykes Beach
  • Trani Ammouda
  • Kalogria Beach

Do Water Sports

If you are an adrenaline lover looking for a more fascinating summer experience, then Halkidiki has got you covered.There is a wide variety of water sports to choose from like scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, underwater photography and an all-time classic, fishing.

Water Sports - Things To Do In Halkidiki - Greek Transfer Services

You will find water sport centers on almost all well known and popular beaches of the region while most resort hotels have their own water sport facilities. usually in a small distance from the beaches there are shops where you can buy your equipment or even get quick lessons in order to enjoy your favorite activities while being protected and fully organized!

Popular areas in Halkidiki with water sports:

  • Nea Roda
  • Pefkohori
  • Paliouri
  • Vourvourou

The Gastronomy

It’s a common truth that swimming can increase your appetite. In case you are wondering how you can enhance a great day in the beach, we have good news for you! The traditional Greek taverns and restaurants that surround most of the beaches in Halkidiki can become your favorite new habit.

Greek Cuisine - Things To Do In Halkidiki - Greek Transfer Services

Delicious traditional dishes are served in your plate in the most original ingredient combinations! When it comes to the latter, you should definitely get a taste from the freshly caught seafood as well as local delicacies like oil, wine and tsipouro that are produced in Chalkidiki. On the other hand, a trip in Halkidiki isn’t complete without a bite of Greek gyros. So grab your favorite cocktail or a glass of fine wine and indulge a delicious meal watching the sunset!

Rent A Boat

Discover Halkidiki’s more secluded and magical locations by renting a boat. Most boat rental companies are located in Vourvourou. You can opt for navigating the boat yourself or have with you a professional skipper. Most companies can rent you a boat even if you do not have a skipper’s license!

Rent A Boat - Things To Do In Halkidiki - Greek Transfer Services

Locations we suggest visiting by boat:

  • Mount Athos
  • Kavourotrypes
  • Ammouliani
  • Karydi Beach
  • Diaporos Island

Visit The Islands

In Halkidiki you will actually find four unique islands!

Visit The Islands - Things To Do In Halkidiki - Greek Transfer Services

You can visit the island of Ammouliani which is the only inhabited island in Halkidiki, located 120 km away from Thessaloniki. The islands of Drenia, 2 miles away from Ouranoupolis are accessible by boat that leaves every hour. The island of Diaporos, which is a group of the smaller islands of Ampelitsi, Kalogria, Agios Isidoros, Prasonisi and Peristeri, located across Vourvourou. The islands have great historic value as findings that dated back in the Prehistoric area have been discovered there. The islands are not easily accessible as they are not inhabited. Last but not least, the island of Kelyfos, located across the region of Neos Marmaras. The name Kelyfos derives from its shape which resembles the shell of the turtle (kelyfos in greek means shell). The island is not inhabited but disposes a striking seafloor, ideal for scuba diving.

Cave of Petralona

Worldwide known for its amazing stalactite and stalagmite decoration as well as the fossilized bones and skull found there of the Archanthrope of Petralona. Discovered, by accident, in 1959 by a local villager the cave opened to the public for the first time in 1979. Findings, as well as replicas and reconstructions from this exceptionally beautiful cave, are exhibited at the Anthropological Museum of Petralona.

The cave is located 800 meters from the settlement of Petralona, and is 50 km from Polygyros, capital of the Halkidiki prefecture and 50 km from Thessaloniki.

Religious tourism

Apart from the great museums and the historic monuments, Halkidiki is also a great destination for religious tourism. You can visit various churches and monasteries with the most renowned being Mount Athos. Located in the peninsula of Athos, is a significant center of the East Orthodox monasticism.

Religious Tourism - Things To Do In Halkidiki - Greek Transfer Services

Mount Athos operates as an autonomous polity and hosts about 20 eye-catching monasteries. This religious destination constitutes a listed UNESCO world heritage monument and is the perfect way to get in touch with your spiritual side. If you are planning to visit Mount Athos you should now that there is a prohibition for the entry of women and children.

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