Sithonia is the middle of the three small peninsulas of Halkidiki and is a blessed destination, as not only has amazing beaches with gold sand and turquoise waters but also picturesque villages with stone-built traditional houses and an incredible nature, that flourishes during Spring and Summer! Knowing all this it is easy to guess why Sithonia is also called the Caribbean Gem of Halkidiki! Sithonia is a paradise on earth for all those travelers who truly love adventure, as it has countless destinations that will offer you unique holiday experiences. However, this may make you wonder which are actually the best places to visit in Sithonia! In this post we have prepared for you a list with the most amazing places to visit in Sithonia, in order to enjoy your stay on this beautiful part of Halkidiki to the fullest! 

Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras is not only one of the best places to visit in Sithonia but also one of the most famous destinations in the entire Prefecture of Halkidiki! Neos Marmaras was formed in 1925 by the refugees of Marmaras island, after the exchange of Populations with Turkey. Neos Marmaras is the largest village of Sithonia, having a population of 3.000 inhabitants. However, during summer months Neos Marmaras transforms into a small cosmopolitan city and reaches a population of 20.000 people, due to the great tourist traffic that it has! 

One reason why Marmaras is so famous among tourists, is its amazing organized beach, where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of Toroneos gulf, along with your favorite drink under the shade of your umbrella, laying in a comfortable sunbed! After that you will have the chance to enjoy delicious food visiting one of the many taverns located near the beach. Moreover, walking on the streets of Neos Marmaras you will have the opportunity to admire many traditional buildings besides the impressive hotels along the beach! 

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In a 5 km distance away from the village Neos Marmaras, you will find the old village of Parthenonas. Parthenonas is a quaint historical village located at a height of 350 m above sea level. Although, until 20 years ago Parthenonas was an abandoned village. Today many of the old stone houses have been renovated, offering great accommodation choices for those who have a soft spot for tradition! In this small village, you will also find traditional rustic taverns serving local delicacies and wine!

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Nikiti is one of the best places to visit in Sithonia, as many Greek and foreign tourists choose it as a getaway destination for the summer. Nikiti is divided into two sections, the old and the new Nikiti! The old section of Nikiti is believed to have been built by monks. That explains its beautiful stone buildings with their eternal yards and their wooden balconies! As for the newest part of the village, it incorporates harmonically traditional and modern architectural elements.

Moreover Nikiti has a beautiful long beach that offers to its visitors many amenities and activities to enjoy such as snorkeling and even camping! In addition, Nikiti is one of the best places in Sithonia for families. As its beach has really shallow and clean waters. Last, Nikiti could be the ideal option for those who are not fans of the big crowds and they seek a more secluded style of vacation. If you fall into this category, we definitely recommend you to choose the south end of Nikiti, which has not been so developed. 

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 Vourvourou is one of the most famous destinations of Sithonia for tourists, although it is not an actual settlement. Vourvourou could be better described as a complex of hotels, restaurants and gift shops! The beautiful beach Vourvourou is wedged between the settlements of Ormos Panagias and Sarti, on the eastern side of Sithonia peninsula, 51 km southeast of Halkidiki’s Capital, Poligiros.The reason why Vourvourou is so famous among tourists, is because of its crystal clear waters that resemble exotic destinations and the nine small rocky islands located on the bay of Vourvourou. The largest among them is the island Diaporos, which has small coves, an amazing forest and is also easily accessible for tourists who are keen on small adventures, as there are regular boat routes from Vourvourou to it!

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Those were the best places to visit in Sithonia, Halkidiki. An amazingly beautiful peninsula that combines the famous Greek hospitality, with the essence of the most famous exotic destinations and all the amenities that you would find in other popular Greek destinations!

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