Halkidiki is a fascinating travel destination throughout the year! The majority of the tourists visit Halkidiki due to exploring the gorgeous beaches and the unspoiled natural surroundings, others for religious tourism, and from curiosity to see in person the famous Mount Athos Monastery and others in order to discover the unique lifestyle of this extraordinary peninsula of Northern Greece. Apart from that, there is also another reason to visit this beautiful Greek destination, and we are referring to the interesting culinary habits and the gastronomy of that place. Stay with us in order to learn more about the local products of the Halkidiki region! 

Here are the best 6 local products of the Halkidiki peninsula! 

Olives & Olive Oil

The gastronomy of Halkidiki basically follows the Mediterranean cuisine. Among the best local products of Halkidiki and some of the most commonly used ingredients in the Mediterranean cuisine is olive oil and of course, the olives. There are many family businesses in Halkidiki that produce high-quality olive oil and extra virgin olive oil from green olives (also known as Agourelaio), a PDO product. The climate of Halkidiki along with the morphology of the terrain facilitates the production of fine virgin olive oil. As for the benefits, apart from the nutritional ones, virgin olive oil has tremendous valuable properties on the skin and face. Some of the most known production areas of Halkidiki are Nikiti, Holomondas Mountain, Olynthos, and Moudania. 

Explore the best local products of the Halkidiki region - Olive and Olive Oils - Greek Transfer Services


The beekeeping in Halkidiki has also deep routes. Thousands of tonnes of high-quality honey are produced annually in the wider region of Halkidiki, making honey one of the most famous local products of Halkidiki. Besides, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle from Stagira has mentioned in his writings the benefits and the nutritional value of honey and beekeeping. Nowadays, the tradition of beekeeping continues in most areas of Halkidiki including Kassandra, Sithonia, and the Northern part of the peninsula.

Explore the best local products of the Halkidiki region - Honey - Greek Transfer Services

Dairy Products

Another tradition of Halkidiki that dates back to ancient times is stock-breeding. Thus, it can be justified by the fact that some local products of Halkidiki such as goat cheese and sheep yogurt are considered some of the best in Greece. The soil and the climate of Halkidiki act as catalysts for the production of these magnificent dairy products. For instance, Mount Holomondas region produces excellent goat cheese by pure goat milk due to the two following factors, the mountain’s soil composition, and the special climate conditions. Other regions of Halkidiki that are famous for their organic cheese products are Kassandra and Sithonia. 

Explore the best local products of the Halkidiki region - Dairy Products - Greek Transfer Services


All around Halkidiki you can find several species of herbs especially in the mountainous regions such as Holomondas. Some of the most famous herbs that grow on the slopes of Mount Holomondas are Pomegranate (Punica granatum), Wild Rose (Rosa Canina), Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), and Purple Mallow (Malva sylvestris). All these herbs besides being tasty, they can prevent various diseases.

Explore the best local products of the Halkidiki region - Herbs - Greek Transfer Services


Halkidiki produces also high-quality wine and some PDO varieties such as the renowned “Plagies Melitona”. Another habit that has its roots in ancient times and specifically in the 5th century BC. Today some of the major regions that produce local wine in Halkidiki are Mount Meliton in Sithonia Peninsula and Mount Athos as well. They also include some of the largest vineyards in Greece where are growing remarkable wine varieties like Assyrtiko and Malagouzia.

Explore the best local products of the Halkidiki region - Wine - Greek Transfer Services 

Spoon Sweets 

Finally, our list of the best local products of Halkidiki also includes the cherished and above all, tasty spoon sweets. The beautiful Halkidiki is considered a blessed place as its fertile soil gives the opportunity for the cultivation and production of many more local products. At this point, we should not miss mentioning the plethora of organic fruits of high nutritional value which are also produced in the region of Halkidiki. Some of them are apricot, grape, quince as well as cherry, which are also used to make jams and spoon sweets. 

Explore the best local products of the Halkidiki region - Spoon Sweets - Greek Transfer Services

Visit with your family an organic agricultural farm or take a road trip with a view to discover the best local products of the Halkidiki Peninsula!

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