Although we are at the heart of autumn, the weather is still mild, meaning that creates the perfect opportunity for a short getaway! Thus, we have prepared for you 5 autumn trips near Thessaloniki, before the weather gets colder. From ancient sites, charming lakes and hot springs to picturesque traditional places, our list with autumn trips near Thessaloniki will amaze you. Let’s explore them!

Dion and Litochoro 

The region of Mount Olympus attracts hundreds of visitors throughout the year, especially at the early autumn season. The charming backdrops of the green scenery, the ancient site of Dion and the picturesque Litochoro are perfect for a short getaway from the city. Do not miss visiting the picturesque settlement of Litochoro, where the views of Mount Olympus will dazzle you. The traditional buildings of Macedonian architecture and the serene lifestyle of that place will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. Not to mention the Archaeological Museum and the Park of Dion, a unique site with important historic findings; definitely worth exploring!

5 Autumn Trips Near Thessaloniki - Dion and Litochoro - Greek Transfer Services

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Vergina Archaeological Site 

Among the best autumn trips, you can do near Thessaloniki with your family is to explore Pella and Vergina Archaeological Site. It is a great opportunity to discover the fascinating kingdom of ancient Macedonia, to admire the famous royal tombs and of course to visit the Virtual Museum of Alexander the Great. As for the major findings, the two golden urns and the golden myrtle wreath stand out. Grasp the opportunity and within one hour from Thessaloniki, you can reach this interesting attraction!

5 Autumn Trips Near Thessaloniki - Vergina Archaeological Site - Greek Transfer Services

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Lake Kerkini 

Lake Kerkini should not be excluded from the list of the autumn trips near Thessaloniki. The lovely lake, the impressive Alistrati Cave and the breathtaking Mount Falakro create beautiful fall backdrops. At a close distance, there is also the town of Drama, which encompasses a rich history and great monuments. Bird watching, rejuvenating walks at nature and various outdoor activities await to be explored! 

5 Autumn Trips Near Thessaloniki - Lake Kerkini - Greek Transfer Services

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Edessa & Pozar Thermal Spa

Another trip you should not miss during the autumn season, especially if you seek relaxation is a tour to Edessa and Pozar Thermal Spa. Explore the stunning Waterfalls of Edessa, a picture-perfect site which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Let yourself get lost by the seductive natural landscape and the verdant scenery. The Pozar Thermal Spa is the ultimate shelter if you need some time with yourself, to relax and revive. The quality of the healing water and the natural pools of the spring will offer you enjoyable moments. 

5 Autumn Trips Near Thessaloniki - Edessa and Pozar Thermal Spa - Greek Transfer Services

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Palaios Panteleimonas 

Last but not least, in our bucket list of autumn trips near Thessaloniki is the majestic village of Palaios Panteleimonas. In fact, it is a picturesque village, close to Mount Olympus, which at the first sight looks abandoned. Nevertheless, it is a dreamy place with spectacular panoramic views of the imposing M. Olympus and the Olympic Riviera. Here, you can amble around the cobbled narrow alleys, exploring the Macedonian-style buildings and taking some memorable pictures. Do not miss the chance to enjoy a traditional meal at one of the old scenic taverns and taste their local delicacies. 

5 Autumn Trips Near Thessaloniki - Palaios Panteleimonas - Greek Transfer Services

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If you are in the mood of a little excursion, the above 5 suggestions with autumn trips near Thessaloniki are ideal for a rejuvenating getaway! 

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