In the embrace of the holiday season, the Christmas destinations near Thessaloniki transform into mesmerizing places of festive delights. Christmas destinations offer a special opportunity to experience the magic of holidays, discovering unique activities and atmospheric landscapes that are sure to excite. If you find yourself in Greece during the festive season and pass through towns and villages you will immediately notice the Christmas decorations. From houses, squares, shops and streets, everything reminds you of Christmas.

From the incredible beauty of Edessa’s waterfalls to the seaside view of Kavala, from Elatochori with its snowy landscapes to the spectacular Meteora, these Christmas destinations near Thessaloniki, turn into an exciting experience, where the magic of the holidays is combined with the tradition, scenic beauty, culture and atmosphere created by local customs.

In this article, we will guide you to beautiful Christmas destinations near Thessaloniki!

Edessa, Central Macedonia

Edessa is located 90 km away from Thessaloniki, in the Region of Central Macedonia. The ethereal waterfalls are the most popular site of the city. At holidays, Edessa becomes a wonderful Christmas destination worth visiting. The city embraces the holiday season with lights and charming Christmas decorations. You can wander along the illuminated streets, cross the old stoned bridges and admire the magnificent waterfalls, in a mesmerizing Christmas landscape. Among other things, don’t miss the chance to see the frozen waterfalls, a version that is definitely a good subject for your camera. In the area there are also many cafes and shops where you can buy souvenirs. Buy a hot coffee or a chocolate and wander around the park of waterfalls, with its magnificent view. As for the food, in Edessa you will find many traditional taverns, where you can try the local cuisine.

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Kavala, Eastern Macedonia

Kavala is a lovely city in the Region of Eastern Macedonia, located around 153 km away from Thessaloniki. The city is built amphitheatrically, while its harbour is surrounded by the Aegean Sea. Although Kavala is mainly considered a summer destination because of its beautiful beaches, in winter it becomes a Christmas destination. From Christmas lights and various decorations, to large Christmas trees and even “Santa Clauses”, the city is getting ready to receive its visitors. Kavala has many historical sights, such as the Castle of Kavala, or the Old Aqueduct, also known as Kamares, which are worth visiting and exploring. Don’t forget to attend the Christmas festivities with the creative workshops, and taste the delicious traditional delicacies, the popular “kourabiedes”. Kavala is a wonderful Christmas destination that you are sure to remember.

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Elatochori, Pieria

Elatochori is a mountainous settlement of the municipality of Katerini in the prefecture of Pieria, located around 97 km away from Thessaloniki. It is a beautiful Christmas destination. The ski center is the most important reference point of the area. The ski resort is located near Mount Olympus and is a snowy landscape. Visitors who love outdoor activities can stay in the accommodation in Elatochori, where there are many traditional taverns and cafes. During the Christmas season, the snow covers everything in the area and in addition to the Christmas decorations, is forming a unique winter experience.

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Meteora, Kalambaka

Meteora, Kalambaka, is a unique UNESCO World heritage site, located around 234 km away from Thessaloniki. The site is a cluster of rocks. The monasteries of Meteora, built on the tops of some of the rocks, are a beautiful Christmas destination, for anyone seeking a peaceful and traditional Christmas experience. During your visit, you will stay in accommodation in Kalambaka and you will be able to explore the monasteries. All monasteries of Meteora will hold the Christmas Day Mass and you can’t miss it. The experience will take you to another era and soothe your soul. In addition, in Meteora you can do outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and hiking.

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From the waterfalls of Edessa to magical Kavala and from snowy Elatochori to stunning Meteora. Choose your ideal Christmas destination and you will surely be delighted by the unique experiences you will gain. Greek Transfer Services offers reliable, safe and prompt private taxi and transfer services to anywhere in Greece. Book your transfer online and enjoy a comfortable ride with our company.